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  1. splat

    Battery Choice

    Lotta marketing speak...but no stated anticipated cycle life...look expensive in the link above
  2. splat

    Battery Choice

    Also important that an AGM has airflow around it as they can get warm while going through charging cycle.
  3. Berth rental has just increased in Marlborough as well
  4. Yip, if you have to look up...you are too close and not keeping a proper watch
  5. Also, while you are at it you said Zeus 2 right ?...make sure software is up to date.
  6. splat

    Hard Antifoul

    I have a 930 like SMU and currently have # 10. I'm moving to vivid as it is the next best thing. It is great as it availble in smaller volumes than many of the other brands. Reality is that due to Ministry of Environment concerns around Heavy metals the AF products are arguably not as effective as they once were. Vivid is a so called semi ablative...it is quite soft but it works. I have had a trial on our rudder blade in Marlborough and am impressed with its performance thus far.
  7. splat

    A Word from YNZ

    Interesting responses...I have one as my understanding was required for Cat 2. Yes understand what they are and how they are used. Unfortunately not surprised by the apparent lack of use. As a person in the trade so to speak it wasn't that expensive but not cheap. It's been on the boat for two years and I haven't used it nor felt the need to use it...and I mooch about at night alot.
  8. splat

    A Word from YNZ

    Anyone here actually used a handheld sighting compass while racing?
  9. splat

    A Word from YNZ

    I tend to agree with Clipper. I bought my boat with the key aim of doing RNI2020 with lots of learning along the way. By way of background I started sailing when I was six and it is very much my lifetime hobby. I started with a realistic expectations of what upgrades, training and gear was needed to be obtained or borrowed to get the boat to the start line but a reassessment recently indicated it was at least the thick end of 30,000.00 to get there with a smaller cheaper boat. Being based in the South Island didn't help the budget. I understand the race rules and the specific safety instruc
  10. What is stopping just fairing in a tube with a one way valve? Cheaper surely. Anderson bailer off the shelf is at least $100.00
  11. OK understand. So it would seem like others above my boat has an EWOF with a simple lead from Dock to a 4 way ebox with each pair of 240AC outlets protected by breakers. So as per your diagram from the regs I have everything except the to vessel ground and galavanic islolator. My DC system is only ever connected to the AC system when I charge the house battery with a CTEK 5.0 amp charger while on board at the dock. The Ctek has built in safeties also. As per the above comments I have a manual start 9.8 outboard which can charge the house batt via rectifier/regulator when connected via
  12. Also didn't someone say the 2014 standard was not adopted...so I assume this diagram while helpful is not ratified?
  13. IT...sorry confused ...diagram says optional galvanic isolator...my boat and quite a few others don't have a big heavy diesel or engine beds. Care to explain/discuss what the best option is to achieve compliance. To the best of my limited knowledge my boat doesn't have a vessel ground.
  14. This is the outboard well edges right?
  15. Almanac can be downloaded to a phone or tablet so no reason not to carry.
  16. yeah... but Gavin Brady did sail his p-class across cook strait...
  17. Mana Cruising club guides are great
  18. Thanks everyone ...spoke with Clive today...will report on progress and outcome...cheers for your inputs
  19. Carbon Foam...see pacific yacht systems on youtube for a DIY breakdown
  20. Double check that unit is covered by warranty in marine application
  21. Have a look in the top left hand corner of the image - frame is broken and bent - has been repaired before - entire seal along hinge edge is detached and hatch frame bent - sheet got under during a gybe when it shouldn't have.
  22. http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/10671-oddball-front-hatch-size/ Pretty sure this is the previous owner Chris asking the same question? Anyone got any new ideas re weaver hatch ( Now Magnus/Vetus) oddball sizing? Don't really want to have to start cutting the front of the boat a part to replace with a "square hatch". Have had a look at Cule standard sizing and nothing seems to fit? Neither does there appear to be anything available via Vetus/Magnus in a standard size. Any guidance/thoughts appreciated. Cheers
  23. Hate to say it - it will be the result of a simple cost benefit analysis - the costs of the doing arguably the right thing to land would have been prohibitive - think of all the extra materials handling transport, consented and monitored disposal site etc....doesn't make it right though.
  24. splat

    Head piping

    aqua green or blue is not a tank cleaner - they are waste treatments - sure it will help keep it clean but not cleaner
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