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Its actually very small numbers - about 20 so far, from around 1500 members.

But I have considered hiding it from those not logged in, or making it the default setting, being able to view only the forum name, but having to ask for access. Or some other arrangement. Still pondering what is best.

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Is it a sailing site or talkback radio? i think off topic stuff is fine but its pretty obvious that politics is a pretty toxic subject that ends up making more enemies than friends. Perhaps a general discussion but no politics section?

I don't like reading Woman's Day, but I've no problem if you want to read it.

When I go to a magazine shop, I don't pick it up and browse it, cause I already know its sh*t.

But just because I know its sh*t, I don't go around trying to get it band. Someone else may really enjoy the light fluff in it, perhaps they have a stressful job and just want to read something a little less serious. I don't know, its not for me to judge or tell anyone else what they should or shouldn't read, or talk about, or discuss on internet forums.


Generally sailors are an independent bunch and disagree with being told what they can or can't do, or say, or discuss. Its beyond me why, if people don't like smalltalk, they can't just ignore it, like the Women's Day. Smalltalk has already been moved to the bottom of the page so its got a much lower profile than Marine talk, race talk, short talk, tech talk, cruisers talk, Volvo Ocean race, America's Cup and YNZ talk, and I think Canal boating, but I'd need to check on that one.

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I only read Crew on my phone and it shows fora in date order so Small talk dominates the list, being the most active area.


I’m happier not seeing it as it has tidied the lists up and I have already saved several microseconds not having to read the headings.


“I can resist everything but temptation”

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I can’t remember the last time I clicked or posted into Smalltalk. I wrote it off long ago as a toxic playground run by a bunch of opinionated bullies. But I am a grown adult and don’t need any ‘digital handholding’ to remind me to click here but not click there!

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