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Caulerpa now in BOI

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Dont worry folks look hard enough and you will find it anywhere you like in the gulf right up to BOI,its there just not reported yet. live with it,deal with it Aussie has been for yrs.

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5 hours ago, K4309 said:

I'm sure there are exceptions, but I understand deploying an anchor is popular among boaties when they want to go to sleep at night and don't want their boat to drift onto rocks, bang into other boats or drift way out to sea while they are asleep.


Are you being deliberately obtuse? 


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Giving this some thought, and now that we know caulerpa is at Rakino / Woody Bay, which is one of my go to / fav anchorages, would I anchor on caulerpa if I knew it was there - no.

Not in the foreseable future, if I could avoid it.

Normally in Woody Bay I can see the bottom, and it is clear sand. I've dove on it last year (had fishing line around the prop) and there was no caulerpa in the anchorage. I went spear fishing along the reef on the south side, very good current and productive fishing, did not see anything like caulerpa then.

Whilst saying I'd avoid it if I can, it is apparent there is going to be a point in the not too distant future where it is going to be very hard to avoid anchoring on it. In which case I shall be taking the utmost care to check my anchor and chain (which I do already, as I have one of those low-tech boats where I need to work the anchor winch at the bow, watching the anchor and chain come up, as opposed to a remote cockpit jobby.

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4 hours ago, Psyche said:


3 years ago?  the cat is out is well and truly of the bag and probably riding the horse that bolted

I don't think that means it was detected in 2021. Though I agree it's odd on the map.

For reference, here's Waiheke


and Kawau


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18 minutes ago, khayyam said:

Oh and apparently the mokohinaus too


Does kinda seem like it must be everywhere if it's at the mokes.

I'll bet you a good bottle of whiskey it was at the Mokes first, it's come down on the East Auckland current from offshore, and it has spread from the Mokes to all points South. Noting it was found at the Barrier and the Mercs first, and first findings tend to be where there is higher foot-traffic, so to speak, as in people to actually find it.

Noting it is naturally occurring in large parts of the Pacific and Australia. All you need is one of those La Nina years to set up the ocean currents and water temp, and hay presto - magic - killer algae.

Nothing to do with yachts importing it.

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