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    3 kings

    Did this last year, end of March from memory lessons learnt- you need settled weather and time, then you can still get caught out so need to be prepared and flexible like diving in an aquarium but clearer, huge tidal flows and drop offs we only spent one night on anchor in NW Bay, flat water no wind in 15m water, less than 100m off the cliffs, then the tide turned at 1am and the roll from hell arrived. Still no wind so we swung from beam on ( couldn’t stay in bunk ) to bow on where you would almost drop off to sleep, then swing back to beam on.there was a 60 or 70+ foot
  2. From my understanding the white spaces have 3 hrs. max ?? Unless your a permitted / registered user
  3. Jon

    Farr 38

    I’ve been told they won’t get Cat1 for racing because of this but a cruising Cat 1 will most likely be allowed due to the number that have been offshore They are old boats now so buyer beware as per everything
  4. Under any level greater than one we were informed that the start had to be performed from on shore or with a very small crew from onboard a start boat. Hence the Waitamata Harbour start line stated in the Notice of Race Now we are in Level one and could end up in zero or even back in level two, it’s our intention to return to Northern Leading as this allows us to avoid shipping movements in the main channel Planning this event under uncertain levels has been challenging to say the least The Sailing Instructions are not out yet as we want to get into as stable as possible p
  5. Is it just me or are others noticing that more members are getting a chance to get a word in ?
  6. This is a great opportunity for someone to do this passage Probably the best cruising sailing to be had, I’ve done this twice and would jump on board with Glen in a heart beat if my health allowed If this opportunity eventuates then it shouldn’t be missed, the pacific has some huge mileages but equally some of the best remotest locations. Ideally you should keep your crew together Glen as I’m picking countries will open up ahead of you if you don’t t rush. You can easily lose two weeks in Panama, in fact you are doing well to transit and provision in that time, plus if y
  7. Has anyone ever called you a w^&#$@r BP ?
  8. Jon

    Navman 5500 crook

    I hate them sneaky rocks that do that.
  9. I’ve got two multifunctional displays, one in cockpit one down below, all integrated with AIS, digital radar. However we have two iPad on board with Navionics plus on phones and 90% of the time we use the iPad Found that actually more accurate going through passes into pacific lagoons etc, but for coastal cruising I’d say a well setup tablet is a good starting point, then add more as you get more adventurous The chart plotter comes into its own when we need ais and Radar to double check eyes and IPad But it all comes down to your personality, if your into computers and ga
  10. Jon

    Navman 5500 crook

    IMHO You have got twice the design life out of this unit. The easiest fix will be replacement
  11. I emailed their website last night reply below They have replacement parts on their website, just not the exact same one. Hi , we have never had a faulty temp sensor, no I don’t think there would be anyone with a spare one, you can buy from UK. please note its not that important the product works fine without it , so you can take you time getting one, most people don’t fit them so if you ask around I am sure there are some in NZ
  12. I may have found the fault I took it out yesterday and have it in my workshop, with a 12v battery connected to the in supply and connected to a battery charger and two 12v batteries connected in to create a 24v bank I can now see the led lights that are not visible when installed in the boat. It faulted straight away saying battery temp fault. So I’ve removed the wire that is just coiled up in the battery box and other end connected to unit, now it’s working as per. next question is should I just leave this disconnect or it’s a two core wire with a cap on end, can I get so
  13. I’m looking for a replacement charger for my Bowthurster battery bank The rest of the boats system is 12v with a step up charger to this 24volt bank Do any of you know of a unit or is it possible to connect each of the batteries in the 24v bank to the 12v system so they can charge off that and still give 24v. current unit that’s faulting as soon as I put power on is a Sterling BB122450 ie battery to battery 12v to 24v 50 amp https://sterling-power.com/products/battery-to-battery-chargers
  14. Thinking that should read “and or” but it don’t so your entitled to push it
  15. As Boo Boo said if you treat them with respect you won’t have any more difficulty than here It amazes me how a bad story is repeated a hundred fold yet good ones aren’t repeated, plus if you dig deep the bad stories are usually some American with a bad, self righteous attitude. We had a guy in Antigua that tried it on but that could have happened here, only time I’ve had someone ask for something was clearing into Fiji years ago when we were asked if we had any beer onboard, when we told him we had a tray of cans in the forward cabin he said “no have you got any cold beer onboard “ I
  16. I think I’ll change the SSANZ NoR to “ Flares must be current according to manufacturers date stamp” or the likes I’ve checked probably hundreds and only ever looked at expiration date, have I been neglectful ?
  17. I hadn’t seen that doco for a while, something that one should watch every decade Equally a lot has changed in what’s almost 30 years, but the weathers ability to surprise hasn’t
  18. Jon

    Gil OS1

    We left Minorca first week Nov, snow on the Sierra Nevada as we sailed down to Gibraltar so had a thick fleece and spray jacket on, rained coming into Gib Gib to Lanzarote was a bit bumpy and wet first day and half, should have waited one more days but had crew waiting in Lanz to do Atlantic with us. Got caught in a few massive downpours in mid Atlantic but by then was down to rugby shorts and tee shirt at night, got soaked in each one of these as the water was hitting the deck so hard it was bouncing up and hitting you in the face. They only lasted for about half an hour and was mi
  19. SSANZ Sailing Instructions always state Colregs apply between sunset and sunrise biggest change is RRS allow you to push a boat up and windward boat must keep clear where as colregs are all about overtaking vessel keeps clear and passing port to port etc over simplified but quite different
  20. Must have name on hull Jetskis have to be registered and have number visible
  21. Chemo I’ve got enough paperwork to confuse any plod, I’ve been stopped twice now and as soon as your say your heading to or from cancer treatment they just waive you on.
  22. Or maybe I just want to break out of the health system
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