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  1. Probably Div 4 Zest Shimmer 2 Distraction Start Me Up Playbuoy C U Later Hans Up SY SweatWaters Arbitare Global
  2. Division splits will be done after last phrf changes have been made. Date for last changes is 7th February but these won’t come through until these are processed But I’d be counting on being in Div 4 Shimmer top limit for D4 will be about .800ish
  3. Jon

    a big sail

    Plus boats are cheaper there so you could either make on the deal or upgrade
  4. Jon

    a big sail

    24 to 25 hours if you mean sailing then a whole lot more info required Option 1; Are you taking a 200nm offshore high latitude yachts with tonnes of fuel and happy to round the horn ? Option 2; or are you going to stay in the tropics and average 4kts option 1 is 65 to 70 days non stop option 2 is a year or more
  5. Let’s hear from the editor, but believe it’s all in cahoots
  7. Just catching up with this but don’t see why Northland Councils are so pissy about this We cleared into Marsden Cove about a month ago and there’s fan worm on the pontoons there The stable door is open, horse bolted and a spark from its shoe set the whole farmyard alight.
  8. Jon

    37th AC

    Looks like they are running a B class regatta next time in Europe
  9. My understanding is there wasn’t enough interest from us lot, so Squadron are running a fun, open to all cheap race for all
  10. Always lots of rumours add Awen and Rum Bucket to the list of rumours also
  11. Pretty close Mark Arbitare is from Mana Margaritaville yes Auckland Hans Up was Henrietta and is Pine harbour based now, was Coromandel ‘Start Me Up is Westhaven based Sweatwaters is Auckland (I think) Most international fleet ever, two French flagged, three Australian flagged and seven Southerners one of which is technically English/American
  12. In hand Ben as per design details, just waiting on someone with a day job to update things normal entries closed yesterday, late entries are $3k Miss Scarlet and Marshel Law have withdrawn. Mister Lucky (Sunfast 3600 from Brisbane) Kick, and Equilibrium have entered. Now at 38 plus interest from 3 others but going on previous form we will end up at 36ish also waiting on a few to update their boat and co-skipper details
  13. Can you end for end it ? tail has probably done no work !
  14. Nigel Darren Kennedy is up your way and a very good fridge tech PM me if you need his number j
  15. Correct we don’t know what happened But we do know for a fact that he did avoided meeting the required NZ safety requirements
  16. Bit of a lesson for all there, he decided that Cat 1 was too onerous and register Offshore to avoid it. Not saying it wouldn’t have still happened but at least he would have had a set of independent eyes look over everything.
  17. That looks great buying, almost makes you think what’s wrong, or are they just realistic and not negotiable
  18. I was 50nm south that night and we had over 50 and over 200mm of rain from Saturday afternoon until early hours Monday ‘Monday we headed further south in a good 3m swell some bigger
  19. I know a few that have been with him and know someone that was on the next trip, plus reading the comments about him, if you got good weather it was a great trip but if the weather was crap you either went or forfeited your money Not a great sense of responsibility towards safety, all about the money. I passed him coming home from the Kings as he headed out on that trip, we were coming home because we knew the weather was about to pack up in a few days, all the other charter boats came back at least a day ahead of him or the commercial boats stayed out (cray boats) He got it wr
  20. Good doco, watched it a few weeks back, as BP said mostly better sails, if the keel was that good everyone would have gone that way no. what the keel did was get it’s centre of gravity a lot lower, as in the bulbs we see now on racing yachts. The old 12 metre yachts had a very high CoG
  21. Well I’ve joined the racks of the unpopular So if anyone wants a Cat 3 for coastal give me a shout Im off to Fiji to sail a cat back on the 4th of October but can do most days between now and then 0274779745
  22. Looks great If anyone comes closer than 3m tell them not to be rude and stop invading your personal space
  23. Opposes the lifting force of the turning bocks at the deck collar
  24. By settling out of court the council has avoided a finding of negligence Therefore the next person who this happens to need to go through the whole process of proving the council is at fault If the council had lost this it would have meant that if they put you on a mooring and it fails then they are liable
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