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  1. Ive had nothing but great service. It is sorely needed, esp for raft owners
  2. Have to say, I slept like a baby downstairs on the return on one of the Melges.....
  3. Swirly World lost a skeg or part of one and started taking on water, he started heading north from wherever he was and managed to locate a ship. He was rescued and Swirly World sank. As Booboo said, it may have been rudder damage, but he was taking on water and only had manual bilge pumps, plus manual water maker pumps... life would have got quite tiring quite quickly. That's my understanding
  4. Enertec Marine Limited do the servicing up here Adam, they are great to deal with Cheers
  5. It motored down here from overseas under its own steam
  6. Try POAL website, might be something about it there, maybe
  7. The tug came down here under it own steam.. they are launching it later this week, or next week I understand.
  8. I swear today was 'Tailgate Every Car Day.' The back motorway was awash with it this morning. Thought I better join in at one stage as I clearly stuck out like dogs balls. Cant wait for me trip home
  9. Even though we had a start to forget on Clockwork, we to were bit surprised that so many were that far over and nothing was done. Tricky start with so many boats on such a small line, with the wharf locking out the favoured side on an outgiong tide
  10. Had a mate come back from 3 Kings on Saturday, said it was worst trip shes done, and she was on an 80 footer
  11. Saw a video of it yesterday, boat was on fire before the gas tank blew itself off the boat... fire was then took off. Well, thats how I saw it anyway
  12. I saw the Berserk in Port Fitzroy, it looked in poor condition and had what Im sure were motorbikes strapped to the bow, not quad bikes. But I must have been wrong. I thought at the time it didnt look like it was capable of getting back to Auckland much less Antarctica, which at the time I didnt know they were going to attempt. I remember it being very low to the water and clearly looked overloaded and generally in a poor seaworthy state
  13. I was planning on sailing from Waiheke direct to Tryphena, overnighting them picking up some people from the ferry the next day. Im short crewed so cant leave the boat, so if I cant anchor Im now goosed. Its just simply more stupidly from people in windowless rooms down in Palmerston North. Ive been told by a barrier stalwart that the weed has been there for years, 10 at least.
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