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  1. Was it bad conditions though? Several were fishing off the back, others were cooking/ sitting in the cabin chewing the fat and I think I read it was only 13 knots and small and getting smaller swells according to a survivor. If it was that bad, surely they would have waited for the shelter that wasnt that far away before cooking?
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    A huge problem is the red tape. I had a mate involved on the organisation of the AM Cup when we last won it. He said he couldn't believe how many different council organisations had a seat at the table and they just would go round and round pontificating. I believe the Italians complained about after the last cup cycle as well...? My understanding this time is Coutts insisted on having the tank farm, which wasnt going to be ready no matter what and wouldn't budge on alternate areas. There was also serious pushback from the ferries (Fullers?) and the harbourmaster around the loca
  3. The spill, nor the rahui appear to be impacting the dolphins which swam through Okahu Bay for a few hours yesterday
  4. Dean Kennedy just did a survey for me few weeks back and I couldnt be happier
  5. Hi yes there is a new Bistro Licensee and the club will be open from Labour Weekend. Currently its undergoing to some much needed refurbishment
  6. My poor baby. Addem, might want to tell them to go easy on their first race, last time she was down there they broke the rig on the first outing back in 90s I believe
  7. Ill let the skipper know that start was noted, so thanks for the kind words. Had a few smiles on board as we cleared out... pity no more M40 to play with though I saw a red flag up between 2 other boats after we crossed the line, nothing to do with us, not sure if it getting progressed
  8. Its come in and of the harbour often over the passed while, looks bit like a bathtub compared to modern boats. That article is just more clickbait. I get surprised to see CG boats out in the gulf sometimes too...guess they must just be doing what they do, same as this ole girl.
  9. Pretty sure it was carbon over foam, which means It'll prob go join poor ole Ran Tan in the big pacific garbage patch....
  10. Yea Im not sure, I watched the frigate come in last night and thought same thing as POAL was closed. The frigate turned around off Devonport and then want back out the channel. They must have known the port was closed. It was absolutely blowing its tits off when it came in. Can only think it came in to drop him off by rib, but also wondered why they came all the way in to do that. From when it came into the harbour to when it left was not very long, 30 minutes or so.
  11. The Frigate left right on sunset, was quite an odd sight watching is vanish into the mist. Local at Barrier told me, it broke its mooring and hit rocks/land, mayday went out, they were waiting till full tide to free it, but somehow ts got off on its own accord and headed out to sea. Not sure if owner was on or off boat at the time it freed itself.
  12. I was unable to attend but am told that in the second meeting the chair was difficult in regards to letting the pro Landing people attending from speaking or making their points and the vote was held 5-2 to close the Landing. It was explained to me as a 'railroading' Its now a done deal
  13. HI any update from the meeting?
  14. Ive had nothing but great service. It is sorely needed, esp for raft owners
  15. Have to say, I slept like a baby downstairs on the return on one of the Melges.....
  16. Swirly World lost a skeg or part of one and started taking on water, he started heading north from wherever he was and managed to locate a ship. He was rescued and Swirly World sank. As Booboo said, it may have been rudder damage, but he was taking on water and only had manual bilge pumps, plus manual water maker pumps... life would have got quite tiring quite quickly. That's my understanding
  17. Enertec Marine Limited do the servicing up here Adam, they are great to deal with Cheers
  18. It motored down here from overseas under its own steam
  19. Try POAL website, might be something about it there, maybe
  20. The tug came down here under it own steam.. they are launching it later this week, or next week I understand.
  21. I swear today was 'Tailgate Every Car Day.' The back motorway was awash with it this morning. Thought I better join in at one stage as I clearly stuck out like dogs balls. Cant wait for me trip home
  22. Even though we had a start to forget on Clockwork, we to were bit surprised that so many were that far over and nothing was done. Tricky start with so many boats on such a small line, with the wharf locking out the favoured side on an outgiong tide
  23. Had a mate come back from 3 Kings on Saturday, said it was worst trip shes done, and she was on an 80 footer
  24. Saw a video of it yesterday, boat was on fire before the gas tank blew itself off the boat... fire was then took off. Well, thats how I saw it anyway
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