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  1. I got Marine Electrics to do the install The hot water is Water Heater. Sigmar. 40L 1200W 220V. Quick and its under the after berth, which is right next to the engine...the diesel heater is in the engine bay. Its a Eberspacher, D5WSC Marine Kit, 5.0kw, 801 Controller, 12v BK will need to explain the heating has he has piped his, I havent bothered as yet as Im generous enough to let my kids play winter sport, so no winter cruising
  2. Matt, I found that when I was having issues with my califont, which was old, that noone would work on it as it didnt comply with current regs. So yes you can pass with what you have, but you cant fix it if it breaks
  3. Adrian, I looked at what you are thinking as my califont system was also deemed illegal, (which is ridiculous), in the end I went for a diesel heater and a hot water cylinder. I went down this path for several reasons: 1. Gives me the option of heating the boat in the future 2. Dont need to run the engines, which is summer I never do unless moving 3. Run it once, sometimes twice a day for about 15 minutes and have hot water all the time. 4. Alot quieter than running engines 5. Bad Kitty told me to I also overkilled it by allowing the hot
  4. I have had several bad experiences with marine suppliers and contractors around fridges, gas and hot water, but have found Fridgetech great to deal with. Would recommend them
  5. Eewww if you make me some of those to will I go faster?
  6. The general negativity in the media is disappointing, but not unexpected. Covid buggered it up right royally. Agree or not, this pack of fear mongering clowns in power not letting in world media, youth competitors and super yachts really cost the city. That been said, with no covid al of these would have happened and the numbers would tell a very different story 18 youth teams were entered for the Youth Americas cup...which would have given the squaddie a decent bucket of cash to spent elsewhere, instead YD had to suck the kumara on the 1 boat they built. Each team would have ha
  7. Talk to Manson Marine, they make pretty good ones
  8. I have seen extended footage of this and from multiple angles and the protesters attacked the guard's with extreme force before that. It was clear they weren't prepared to be attacked in the way they were. At first the guards are talking to them, then they push a couple back as they try and get up, only for to be blindsided by another bunch who really got stuck in to them, one of them is the one who got kicked in the face. One of the guards is repeatedly kicked in the head and face whilst on the ground before being kicked into the water visibly dazed. It appalling viewing. He is lite
  9. You are on the money there... the more you give, the more is taken
  10. Had the kite up... was ddw doing about 6knots from Owhiti to Katherine Bay.... and had music that you wouldn't appreciate..!
  11. Am down there somewhere, actually sailing
  12. I had a 5hp Honda... never again. Yammy all the way
  13. Took kids up North Head over weekend... the maunga authority has chained up the last remaining tunnel bits and the large guns were fenced off... kids were gutted
  14. Awesome thanks team
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