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  1. That may or may not be true, I am doubtful, however trucks are huge users of inadequate state highway roading and I am impressed the RTF has managed to grab someone of Nick Leggats caliber in highlighting the state of our roads. Successive governments, and esp this train wreck of a mob see it fit to just raise the RUC whenever they feel like it... this mob did it twice in 9 months with no warning...damn the consequences, we've got kiwibuild to deliver and Kiwirail to keep on life support. Whether you want to believe it or not, most if not all road transport operators operate on extre
  2. Lots of short tack beating to kick that one off.... bet they had never been so glad to turn the corner at North Head
  3. Ive read two reports last year, pretty sure this was one of them... One thing that the shipping companies were frustrated about this (or the other) report, was the lack of emphasis that was put on current coastal shipping. I had to submit on it after being dragged in by one of the shippers to beat some sense into the writers of the report. I havent the time now now Ill see if this is that report. The costs involved in shipping are eye watering
  4. I just googled him and I still dont know who he is but I did give up all nz media the day they told me Nicki Hager classifies as a journalist. Kevin, once again, Ill pass on that suggestion, but Im happy to expand my news sources, just for today, for you to explain this HUGE subsidy to me
  5. Thanks for that Kevin... when I get my subsidy Ill shout you a glass of warm milk and you can tell me all about it
  6. Interesting, perhaps, factually correct no. And not even close. Pulling boxes off ships that are already running down the coast and putting them on smaller more expensive boats that then have to run down the coast is a stupid idea. This countrys productivity is so low now, why on earth would we just add a whole level of complexity, cost and time and congestion at ports already congested? Some people, with zero knowledge of how transport and shipping work, for reasons that escape me, love to come up with hairbrained schemes to fix a problem in logistics that dont exist in the fir
  7. Veladare

    Boat rage

    Here is Fullers going between me and Bean Rock about 25-30m away... I was not very impressed..took these to complain but have lost the will now
  8. You can get a tender reasonably close to Kaeo on a full tide
  9. They all arrived in Vivian Bay, had a beer then shot off. Dean beat Moose and Brad Marsh to the beach With 2 of the 3 people I saw racing in to the bay, an arms races is inevitable, they just cant help themselves those boys
  10. BK, I just motored to North Cape, and then back again, at 7 knots. And then just to kick myself in the nuts again I motored up to Kawau for the weekend, and then back again For $693000 I have a the solution to all your problems.....
  11. Veladare

    Next Cup

    Thats the beauty of the cup... win it and you decide
  12. I raced Namu for years on RnB.... we would cream it downwind then have to fight very hard to keep it at bay on the beat home... we won prob half the time
  13. Newer ones have bungs that breakup in contact with salt water.... but that doesnt help very much if the container is full of flat packs...
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