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  1. Took kids up North Head over weekend... the maunga authority has chained up the last remaining tunnel bits and the large guns were fenced off... kids were gutted
  2. Awesome thanks team
  3. Ive someone managed to break my freezer knob. Any idea where I can pickup one of these?
  4. Yep that is def part of it, but Ive also noticed a change in wind patterns. Between roughly 2005-20012 Id take Pork Chop up to Kawau every single weekend with a 15 knot south wester at 1700 on a Friday and 10 knots close hauled on way home at midday... now I notice its 5-7 knots and from the east. I now go to Kawau once a year Yep my boat is a heavy slow tub, but I dont even look at it if its not 10-15 now from any direction... but I find I simply dont find those winds anymore. I have a young family, and getting there so they can swim is important, or they start getting turned o
  5. I had 5 weeks at Xmas and practically every weekend since then till now on my yacht.... Ive had the sails up 3 times and of that was twice motor sailing.... Mentally. Ive checked out of yacht cruising
  6. Someone on the clock but wanting to get up there...took 4 weeks up and down plus a week in the Bay for Bay week
  7. Someone who never, ever, again wants to motor to North Cape, and then back again at 6knots...!
  8. Droves? I counted only 4 racing a few Sundays ago
  9. OK thanks for that. That one in Woody is a complete ball ache. Ive seen people tie to it claiming to be the owner, on 2 very different boats, and Ive seen words exchanged between boats in regards to it.... how are supposed to know who owns it...? I think they should remove it, it chews up a large amount of space in a very small bay which is popular in ever increasing wind condition
  10. Knot Me, the new moorings at Rakino are news to me... where can we submit? Im assuming you are talking about Woody Bay where there already is one of the buggers already
  11. I am to lazy to do my own donkey work.. but are you saying that you now must wear a life jacket to comply with cat3?
  12. Veladare

    Boat Names

    Saw at boat yesterday fueling at Orakei Blow Me Two Had 4 guys on board
  13. That would be the worst promo video I think Ive ever seen
  14. I have put out cameras in 20 trucks as a trial for rolling out the whole fleet... Im appalled at how often the drivers are pushing the button, and even more appalled at the footage. One driver few weeks back pushed it 3 times in under 5 or so minutes. I called him in the next day and asked if he wanted some time off
  15. or even cheaper... electric buses to the city. How many people actually catch a bus to the city? id say fark all. I note they have changed the name of the airport tram as it had something like 32 stops and would take several hours... its not a tram to the airport, it just ends at the airport. My understanding from talking to AIAL is that the bridge cannot be widened for 'cultural reasons'. That is what their traffic management guy told me direct.
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