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  1. Veladare

    Boat Names

    Oh no you dont!
  2. Veladare

    Boat Names

    My aunt had a boat up the Tamaki for a few years called Cirrhosis of the River
  3. Ok I stand corrected, I did that one but thought it was 200... to much grey matter these days
  4. Fish the most I have ever seen was once 200 boats, its usually around the 170-185 mark... and the Sunday prize giving was fail, most people were well on heir way home by the time it started...which doesnt give the sponsors much to crow about...
  5. Lack of wind at Easter and that is normally the TGA race. IMHO its fine right where it is.. I note those with the most opinion here about lack of coverage and why they didnt have up to date notifications on this that and the other didnt race... The race was the hardest coastal Ive done in 19..the event was one of the best and I was well impressed with how many people managed to jump in cars, who motor in for the the Satuday might. Kudos to all of them
  6. From a competitor perspective is was a very well run event. Pre organisation was good and from the minute we got to Russell it was superb. Prize giving was seamless and the after match was awesome...cant fault it. So well done NZMYC
  7. 'Loved' the 7 hour carpark 5 miles from Brett on Clockwork Went through hole in the rock sideways after sitting there another 2 hours... Got in to discover we were the third boat in behind the Volvo and Wired... pretty good feeling and boy did the beer taste sweet. Then the boys had a champagne ride home on Sunday. Great event all round
  8. Character building...and the trip home is looks awesome
  9. Any update on this fulla? I pity him in this storm...
  10. Pighunter has just done hers, you wont know yourself both racing and esp cruising
  11. Square the back of yer boat off Addem and you'll have a super yacht
  12. I was on a pretty new PCC late last year, was shocked to see that it only had one engine... and also how small it was.
  13. That will come off his total
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