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  1. Cup and pin required for a Navico/ simrad tiller pilot. Preferably Auckland based, Cheers
  2. IT, i don't suppose you carry the cup and pin set for the TPs?
  3. Ive been using the same relatively inexpensive Gill offshore gear from Burnsco - 6 seasons old now. Ive never chucked it in the washing machine but instead house it down in fresh water and hang to dry. First couple of years did nothing to it, but the past 3 years at the beginning of the season i treat it with this - https://www.burnsco.co.nz/stimex-waterproofer-500ml Hasn't let me down yet (though it didn't keep me dry when i went overboard) Have to disagree with the comment about top end wetsuits above, but i guess that depends on what you class as top end. Name brands like Quiksil
  4. Just further to this, can anyone tell me much about the Volvo Penta M2020B? I can't find a lot of info on them. In the same boat (pun intended) as ex Elly, looking at an older boat with the 2020B fitted. Are these a better motor than the 2003 series and are parts still readily available?
  5. I'm of the same opinion - if the vendor wants to sell the boat i would think they would want it in the best condition to view, ie a quick haul and water blast... unless they have something to hide.
  6. Looking at putting in an offer on our first yacht, with the usual conditions of sea trial, survey/ inspections. Couple of things- can you guys recommend an inspector/ surveyor in the Whangarei/Tutukaka region (ideally someone who could do both boat and mechanical), and secondly, who pays for what? As the purchaser i expect to pay for the survey, but most S and P agreements I've seen have the seller paying for a haul out and a quick water blast enabling the inspector to check over hull. However this agreement has me paying for everything. So what is the usual process here? Thanks in advance
  7. Bigmac

    Lotus 9.2

    Thanks chariot - The internal volume and cockpit size is definitely a mass drawcard for me as we are a family of 5. Will still be a squeeze but don't want to stretch the budget to a bigger boat until i'm sure all the family is in to it. If they are, then an upgrade in a few years to a 1020 or similar might be on the cards. Cheers for all the info and pics
  8. Bigmac

    Lotus 9.2

    New to the thread and looking to purchase our first family cruiser. Have looked at several 30footers including a L9.2 One thing that puts me off it is the closed in transom - i have 3 kids who love being in and out of the water all day. Are there any 9.2 owners who've given their boat the chop and opened the back up?
  9. HI Kevin Thanks for your reply. Yes , a crotch strap certainly makes sense to me, particularly with the inflatables. It would be great to be able to go to a pool somewhere and test a range of life jackets, just to see if the flip you onto your back, how quickly they inflate etc After a bit more investigating, i am leaning more towards an auto inflatable, no point in wearing a manual one when you've had the boom smack your mellon! This seems to be a good option but would like some feedback if any others are using them: https://www.smartmarine.co.nz/products/safety/lifejackets-inflatab
  10. Hi All, Getting back into sailing after a few years away, and am wanting to update all my gear. Top of the list is a new inflatable PFD. Just looking for recommendations and what others are using. On a budget, so $120 - $150. Im of the larger variety so have been looking for something with a bit more bouyancy, this is the best i can find so far, https://www.smartmarine.co.nz/products/safety/lifejackets-inflatable/64152/premium-manual-180n-co2-adult-inflatable-lifejacke/details/ Anyone recommend something else? Cheers
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