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  1. Ed

    R2AK 2018

    And as luck would have it, Charleston is for sale...
  2. Boat 2, the diam 24, used this stuff while on Westhaven marina for the summer, worked well by all accounts.
  3. Attitude's mast is horizontal at the moment for a rigging refresh (and also waiting for a new main), however i'll be helping out on the Lady Gaga
  4. The contractor and designer selection has already been done, so there won't be a protracted tendering process to work through, and the parties involved have already begun to resource up. If anything holds it up now it will be resource consent
  5. Ed

    MOB on Scallywag

    Sailing illustrated are saying the search has been called off
  6. I’m guessing no one here went to the pirate party at the squadron last night.....
  7. Even better is that it was lived streamed for free, with camera operators and commentators who knew what they were talking about. The superfoiler guys could learn a lot from this crowd
  8. Ed

    Route 66

    I overtook every boat except one, then they all got back past me.....
  9. Ed

    Route 66

    Lots of parking tickets on cars at westhaven that were parked from friday morning, seems the message didn't get through to wilsons......
  10. So is everyone else who owns an 8.5 Tigre is a bargain at 26k!
  11. Ed

    Route 66

    I'm liking the look of the forecast right now!
  12. Ed

    Route 66

    To be fair to top yacht, once you've got it setup its pretty good, espically as everyone is using it now. Just wish it was easier to search find results from older series
  13. Hurts like Heaven is seriously for sale, and will be sold in a matter of days. 1$ no reserve auction!!!! https://touch.trademe.co.nz/motors/listing/view/1546764972 The market will decide the price but this is a great competitive boat, and has the farrier style trailerable capability as a bonus.
  14. Ed


    Meh, plans can change
  15. Going to be a quick process, AC planning on having a contractor and designer on board by 1st March,
  16. Used to race on a similar IOR 2 boat, great for shorthanded, as they weren't too tender and had plenty of weight in the keel. The beam on them provides decent volume downstairs for curising and they are generally built llike the proverbial outhouse. Never really got the death roll going, but I think the boat had ahd a bit of a hull refair to give a bit more of a flat section aft
  17. Ed

    Oil Analysis

    Also one sample won't tell you much. We have regular sampling regiemes on gearboxes and hydraulics, and we are looking for trends as opposed to specific trigger levels. Some gear boxes make metal, but do so consistently, and without obvious wear patterns and are stubbornly reliable. We do tend to carry a spare for those if they are mission critical though...
  18. There are few things more expensive in life than a cheap boat....
  19. Ed

    Vor 2017

    DJI phantom pro 4 I believe
  20. More chance of getting blood out of a stone, but interested to hear their response
  21. Ed

    8.5 Boat Tour

    Just in case you have ever wondered...
  22. Ed

    2017 Rum Race

    30 gusting 39 - i've pulled the pin
  23. Ed


    10 mm Torlon balls to be precise. My traveller recently sounds like its a few balls short of a race, so time for a bit more maintainence. Is there a non marine option out there at a sensible price, or do I just have to suck it up and pay the harken price?
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