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    Royal Malta

    Nice to have the Knights Templar back in the game . .
  2. Indeed, Merry Happy Whateverness to all Aotearoa May your country remain a beacon of light to the world
  3. Worst case scenario . . . Elephant Seal teaches Lepoard Seal to jump up on docks and boats.
  4. Why izzit that you blokes are posting here when you should be out sailing ? https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/NZXX0003:1:NZ
  5. Ah yeah, you need to be sure you have enough torque . . I got one of these to raise the 600lb. daggerboard on my 26 ft. keeler. It was about $ 400.00 usd https://www.milwaukeetool.com/Products/Power-Tools/Drilling/Right-Angle-Drills/0721-21
  6. On our club in the Sweetwater Seas, we let non-members crew for Wed beer (rum?) can races. But we encourage them to join as crew members and many do - for $ 80 USD per year. I don't think it would work to make them join before their first race. Interesting to note (from the above) that my US membership would be accepted in NZ. Keep it up Kiwis - you have a great thing going.
  7. Great pics Mr. Priscilla . . Why won't my crew do that ?
  8. Cook described how the Polynesian craft sailed rings around the Endeavor.
  9. dealing with big currents . . need a floating dock . . usually need more dredging beefy cleats (slight exaggeration alert - Bay of Fundy tidal range is 17 meters) https://c1.staticflickr.com/4/3283/2945345139_81057d09a3_b.jpg
  10. The US Coast Guard rescued a Kiwi couple off our Pacific North West coast a few months ago at no charge. And I am glad they did.
  11. Hmmm, I sorta thought that only USAean narcissistic yachties were "shouters" . . How ought one handle them ? And good luck catching a ride !!
  12. Background noise - lots of chuckles . . Not much sympathy there either.
  13. This Half Moon Bay is pretty tricky too . . https://moonblink.info/File/Pictures/Sailing/HalfMoonBay
  14. What BP said . . https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/09/13/opinion/hurricane-florence-south-north-carolina.html?action=click&module=Opinion&pgtype=Homepage Does the Kiwi govt. insure your beach bachs?
  15. They call it Cape Fear for a reason. Hope you all have a adventurous and safe 2018-2019 sailing season Ours is nearly over - sniff !!
  16. Our guy Russ Krock is in first place after 31 hours. His "Schock and All" is a Schock 35, US phrf rating of 72. It is a fast boat, and of course he will owe time to others, such as Lease on his Tartan Ten "Avatar" - phrf of about 126. Russ single hands it a lot - including flying the spinnaker by himself. Don't know if any Kiwis sail with the GLSS - they would be welcomed
  17. Thought this might interest a few. Today the Great Lakes Single Handed Society started the Trans-Erie - roughly 320 nautical miles up and down the Lake. It's an interesting web site, shows boat positions and (with Windytv player) what the conditions are like. Our club has three of the 17 boats entered, and they seem to be doing well so far. Go Russ, Lease & Rob !! http://kws.kattack.com/GEPlayer/GMPosDisplay.aspx?FeedID=1757&CourseID=83&KMLType=Pos&FleetID=209a73b7-7567-4005-a775-921b39f396fa&YachtClubID=44d54f7d-c81f-40dd-845e-4f9fb734a82b&TimezoneOffsetMin=2
  18. S2 7.9 sailing on the Sweetwater Seas - made until 1995 in Holland, Michigan Don't think there are any in Aotearoa.
  19. The USCG does not charge, but they usually try to turn your boat over to a private towing company if they can . . This is from 2014, but I think is still operative. https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2014/06/boat_talk_2.html
  20. Could be tough out there . . Got to be some Kiwis sailing Stay safe all https://bobcat.grahamdigital.com/image/upload/view?width=640&height=360&method=crop&url=https://media.clickondetroit.com/photo/2018/07/19/Paul%20Map%201_1532028087466.png_12388080_ver1.0_640_360.jpg
  21. I have not done any of that either - nor have I ever grossly misdiagnosed an engine problem at some considerable cost, lost a halyard inside the mast, hit a ruin clearly marked "ruin" on the charts, dripped wet epoxy on my beard, . . I could easily go on and on, but am starting to weep.
  22. Glad that our US coasties could be of help - that is what they are for. They do not charge except in cases of extreme irresponsibility. That is a very dangerous coast - lots of us hug the shore and wait (weeks sometimes) for weather windows.
  23. No triple crown for a Kiwi. Lots of us were rooting for ya.
  24. OK, so if that thing was in the Northern Hemisphere, would it be a super-tropical low?
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