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  1. On a hike back in the day, we encountered a group of bovines in the hills above Blenheim, and a young bull apparently thought that I was flirting with his girlfriends. He was totally ready to go at it. Just lucky I had my magic Kiwi walking stick with me . . or it could have gone South . . . . hey wait, when it goes sideways, do you say North?
  2. Writing as a ferriner here, I'm not sure that $ 200 is enough of a bite. Around here (Sweetwater Seas, US) the going rate for jet ski rentals is about $ 100 NZD's per half hour. It might well be less in Aotearoa.
  3. How many motors (assume outboard) have exposed spark plug wires that can be readily yanked ? Good story anyway though, might even be true.
  4. What AA said. If the more pricey boat has sails that are much better, motor & winches & fittings better, little or no water intrusion . . And is in immediate sail-away condition as opposed to another that "needs a bit of work", it's easily worth $ 10K more.
  5. Another ice boat note - like many other nautical innovations, they were invented in the Netherlands (or possibly the Baltics).
  6. If borders ever open up, we can totally make that happen . . (serious offer) but you'll need the right clothing - when you take off on an iceboat in decent breeze, you'll be up to speed in about five seconds - and the chill index from the apparent wind will instantly feel like minus 20 C Nowadays we softies wear full snow mobile suits with tight helmets - moon boots, big gloves. You'll love it.
  7. that is a true work of art - yes, how about a new thread for it? I'd sign up to crew except for being too grandiose - 6'3" and 210 Imperial pounds of left wing fightin' fury. The story of the original Chasseur - - "One of the most famous of the American privateers, Captain Thomas Boyle sailed Chasseur out of Baltimore's waterfront historic neighborhood of Fells Point, where she had been launched from Thomas Kemp's shipyard in 1812. On his first voyage as master of Chasseur in 1814, Boyle sailed east to the British Isles, where he harassed British shipping and sent a notice t
  8. The Pride of Balmer (as the city is pronounced by locals) 2.0 (first one sunk tragically) is very well sailed - she took part in a War of 1812 re-enactment of which I played a small part. Here is a photo I took of her under sail. Like the Chasseur after which she is patterned, she is faster than she looks. (I am also sorry for the thread drift . . . sort of . . a little bit)
  9. Like the Dutch designed "schooners" that revolutionized modern sailing . . (large craft that could sail to weather like demons) "early 18th century: perhaps from dialect scun ‘skim along’, influenced by Dutch words . . " As I recall from a year or so ago, one of ya had a young 'un who was researching that in The Netherlands. How about an update ?
  10. You have to learn to play in it - ice boats, ice fishing, ice skiing, ice skating, . . more or less ice everything (Although last year around the Sweetwater Seas we had practically no winter at all. I'll bet Invercargill was colder the last few months.) Wait, I take that back. Checked out Invercargill climate. In winter we are colder - and Montreal is WAAAAY colder. Sure glad I did not make an ass of myself . .. . . . . .. . . again The ice boats are ridiculously fast . .
  11. Looks like I will be rooting for ya Kiwis again. I cannot abide the business practices of Richare DeVos. Turns out that Amway is also present in Aotearoa.
  12. His greatest achievement has been to type all of the notices out, on a little bitty screen . . with one finger.
  13. I will be honored to chip in a few Yankee Dollars
  14. A quick comment from an alternate universe: ML King taught us that, if we determine that a law is unjust, we can and should break it; but we should also be prepared to accept the legal consequences (without whining). That way, we can show our respect for the law in general while breaking a particular law. Kind of like Socrates' approach. On the whole, I support Mr. Smith. Who knows, he might be able to strike a blow for the freedom of the seas by his action.
  15. OMG !! Survival conditions - hope the gent makes it. Is circumnavigating the isles always that sketchy ?
  16. Neither China nor Russia, or the two combined . . are any sort of rational military threat. But who is rational these days ?
  17. BP's posted photo is downright embarrassing . . could not figure out its origin.
  18. Glad he made it in . . that forecast lee shore big wind looked really scary. Good on ya mate !! Just don't let that Kea eat yer boat ! Salute from the Sweetwater Seas
  19. A sailor's worst nightmare . . the sound of big waves breaking on the shore at night. Hope he makes it - the gent has some stones.
  20. A five thousand year-old town . . wiped out by the wonders of Western Civ. Had not known that story - thanks for posting it
  21. As an aside, hopefully not much thread drift . . . Boats, kayaks, bicycles etc are selling very well in the US People are apparently looking for non-close-up recreation. A good time to sell a boat here actually Sailing Clubs here are starting up regattas again - just without the cheek to jowl parties
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