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  1. I'll wager you snuck out in the dark of night and stomped all over 'em.
  2. Prolly $ 1,500 NZD per square foot . . . hope I am wrong for your sake (But hey, your kids were just gonna waste that inheritance on food & shelter anyways, right?)
  3. Our area on the Sweetwater Seas is admittedly one of the more affordable places to sail in North America, and our Club is also a volunteer non-profit, but still . . That amount is in USD per season, and includes power and water. A Dock 35 32 37 $1615.25 Of course our season is only six months long . .
  4. There is a Kirby 25 sailboat at our club that has been winning races for the better part of four decades . . .
  5. Yeah, they need more teams competing . . Bermuda was actually pretty well done in a number of respects . . And it would be nice if they could pry the event out from the grubby hands of the billionaires. And that won't likely happen either.
  6. That leading boat is a J-29. We have three of them in the Club now. They are quick, with a PHRF rating of about 115.
  7. From two days ago, our first race of the season . . part of the fleet Sandusky Bay, Ohio
  8. That system looks downright mean . . Stay safe !!
  9. Amazing that they did not lose that boat - it took fast thinking and quick work by a lot of people to save it. Kudos to all of them.
  10. Demand for sailboats is also very high in the US, and younger families are joining sailing clubs.
  11. California gets a bad rap - huge numbers of great people there . . https://www.latitude38.com/lectronic/san-francisco-sailors-conduct-ocean-rescue-new-zealand/
  12. There were big puffs in those low clouds - lucky I just had a No. 3 up. Sandusky Bay, Lake Erie Stop by for a sail some time (If the US ever gets its COVID act together - not looking good right now)
  13. If the pin/key come loose lots of props will work fine in forward gear, but . . . if reverse will spin themselves right off the shaft in no time. Don't ask me how I know.
  14. That boat looks pretty flash to me . . I'd say just go and sail your brains out. Well, maybe not like this . . .
  15. Fair Winds to ya . . . get out there and sail
  16. Who knew ? I'll have to be sure to attend to that with my next super jacht.
  17. As most of you know, these electronic flares are now legal in the US - I have one on my boat. It is quite bright and floats. No way in heck would I ever hold up a magnesium flare on a pitching boat as it drips molten metal, and I am trying to fix something and/or render assistance at the same time.
  18. Well, I dunno, but the bike/walking path on the San Fran Golden Gate bridge is stunningly beautiful. Actually, when I did it during the 2013 AC I bumped into some Kiwis, they were easy to spot with those silver ferns on the bike bags. I kiddingly asked the bloke which of the New Zealand teams he was with - but all he said was "We are the real Kiwis!!"
  19. Wow, that is quite flash, but just a smidge too big for my 26 footer.
  20. Both of those were blocked in the US - after the race was over about an hour later there sometimes was a 60 second or so short highlight vid, longer highlights available the next day. Full replay not available until days later if at all. To get it live, one had to pay a $130 USD fee to NBC Not your fault, of course - I was only foolin' about that. I thought some of the commentary and analysis was quite good. Outridge (sp?), Robertson, that sailing professor guy (what a dream job that would be!!). One of my sailing mates sailed in college with Ken Read - says he's a decent blo
  21. A hearty congratulations to the sailing community of New Zealand . . a hard-earned and well deserved victory. But next time, would you mind very much improving the TV coverage of the Cup in the US ?? This time around it really sucked majorly.
  22. Thanks - sail safe everyone !!
  23. Has the time also passed for Eastabout ??
  24. Speaking as one who knows nothing . . but since gentlemen never sail to weather and all that . . might it not be easier to go East-About ??
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