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  1. Fair Winds to ya . . . get out there and sail
  2. AJ Oliver


    I like that a whole lot better than the Drumph boat rallies in the US !! This one was on our Bay . . sad
  3. On one of our visits to NZ, the subject of potable water came up . . A number of Kiwis we spoke to knew about the Walkerton, Ontario disaster and thought of it as a cautionary tale for Aotearoa. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0085253815536120 Good discussion of everything that went wrong - from heavy rain to local cronyism and incredible incompetence. The US also has major water quality issues, needless to say.
  4. Who knew ? I'll have to be sure to attend to that with my next super jacht.
  5. As most of you know, these electronic flares are now legal in the US - I have one on my boat. It is quite bright and floats. No way in heck would I ever hold up a magnesium flare on a pitching boat as it drips molten metal, and I am trying to fix something and/or render assistance at the same time.
  6. Humor ? You want humor ? I heard that the Ever Given has so much blocked, they're gonna re-christen it as the USS Mitch McConnell (Some jokes maybe travel better than others)
  7. Well, I dunno, but the bike/walking path on the San Fran Golden Gate bridge is stunningly beautiful. Actually, when I did it during the 2013 AC I bumped into some Kiwis, they were easy to spot with those silver ferns on the bike bags. I kiddingly asked the bloke which of the New Zealand teams he was with - but all he said was "We are the real Kiwis!!"
  8. Wow, that is quite flash, but just a smidge too big for my 26 footer.
  9. Both of those were blocked in the US - after the race was over about an hour later there sometimes was a 60 second or so short highlight vid, longer highlights available the next day. Full replay not available until days later if at all. To get it live, one had to pay a $130 USD fee to NBC Not your fault, of course - I was only foolin' about that. I thought some of the commentary and analysis was quite good. Outridge (sp?), Robertson, that sailing professor guy (what a dream job that would be!!). One of my sailing mates sailed in college with Ken Read - says he's a decent blo
  10. A hearty congratulations to the sailing community of New Zealand . . a hard-earned and well deserved victory. But next time, would you mind very much improving the TV coverage of the Cup in the US ?? This time around it really sucked majorly.
  11. Thanks - sail safe everyone !!
  12. Has the time also passed for Eastabout ??
  13. Speaking as one who knows nothing . . but since gentlemen never sail to weather and all that . . might it not be easier to go East-About ??
  14. The Fukushima tsunami was much, much bigger than that - nearly 40 meters in a few spots.
  15. Sever Earthquake . . . I just hope a quake never severs your country . . oh wait, it already is.
  16. Brilliant - except you should have inserted somewhere ". . . and they said they could tell us, but then they would have to shoot us . . "
  17. What are ya doin' wasting money on Mag Wheels when you know damn well you should be wasting it on sailboats ??
  18. Part of the expense of your roads is undoubtedly due to the mountainous terrain. Many of your highways are marvels of engineering . . Same goes for California - CDOT has to deal with a lot of almost impossible landscape. We had a land slip that took out a section of freeway near us (Great Lakes) a few years ago, which is unusual around here. For the repair, whom do ya think our local highway guys consulted - that's right, CDOT in Calif. They were very helpful. Here is a big slip (or slide? I'm never sure) on iconic Rt 1 that Cali is dealing with now
  19. Switzerland and the Netherlands have the most highly rated road systems (and Singapore) Where we live on the Sweetwater Seas, the roads really suck. This source says US roads are better than yours, but I do not believe it. https://www.theglobaleconomy.com/rankings/roads_quality/
  20. Disappointing !! Dern !! Watched a Gary Jobson interview on Youtube yesterday. He thinks, based on what he saw in Bermuda, that the Kiwis have been sandbagging.
  21. Drivers can easily see them from a ways off on Midwest rural roads in the Fall. You cannot miss them all, but you can miss some. We even have wholly bear festivals !! (Sorry for the thread drift !!)
  22. Some of us up (down?) in the other hemisphere change course to avoid hitting these little guys (about 5 cm long) - wholly bears as they are known. But I would be way too askeered to do it in a big truck.
  23. Yeah, this beauty does ya proud . . and was patterned after US scows on the Sweetwater Seas (but that was before we had roads!!) Scows ranged from 45 to 130 foot in length and most were two-masted, ketch or schooner rigged. The largest were three-masted. Some 130 scows were built in the north of New Zealand between 1873 and 1925. The first was the Lake Erie, based on the American Great Lakes scows.
  24. Respectfully disagree: It is he opposite. With that shift it would be VMG that would be meaningless. VMC is even more important then - tells you the rate to which you are getting to the mark. Someone please correct me if I am mistaken . . . thanks
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