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Coromandel harbour as cruising destination

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Nice little coastal town worth a visit and lunch. We always try to go in on half tide with tide on the make. Keep going towards the the creek entrance until only 1m or so under the keel. Take the dinghy up the creek which is well marked. This takes you to the bottom of town where you can leave your dinghy on the grass and wonder around town. Couple of pubs and plenty of cafe's.

Best you have an outboard as it is a long row. Wear a life jacket when in the dinghy as the harbour master hides in the mangroves then jumps out out hands you an instant fine. Never had any problem leaving things in the dinghy.

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Was in there last week, town was surprisingly busy, 15 dinks up the creek.


I thought about taking the boat right up the creek into town but was a little late (there are channel markers starting a few hundred meters past the main wharf), would have got up ok on a 3.2m tide and 5'6 draft (imagine you might draw a foot (or 2?) more than that BP).  Tied up to the main wharf but was down to 6 inches under the keel at one stage (an hour before high).  


Called into the butcher shop and got some fresh chops and sausages.


The Peppertree is quite good to eat at.  As is the Mussel Kitchen but that's 3-4km out of town.  Personally I just get an apple donut from the bakery.   ;-)


There is quite a cool little art shop called Weta which always has cool stuff worth a look even if you're not buying.


Barry Brickels Driving Creek railway is quite good, (again 2-3km out of town), not cheap to go up but worth doing.

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Sounds good, but I think it will be a dinghy ride for us (2.8m).

Any other suggestions - normally when away for a day or a week we don't go to town, but now we are looking at being away long enough to want to know places to hit a grocery store, have an ice cream, see a movie maybe once in a while. All dinghy and walking distance. Coromandel is now on the list.

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Great place to go.  Everything within a very short walk. Supermarket, fuel, cafes, fishing supplies, dive bottle refill etc.  There is water on the big wharf and fuel on the end.  Only accessible close to full tide.  You can even catch the ferry back to Auckland at the other end of the bay :)


Plenty of anchorages, Te Kouma etc, and pretty much always somewhere to shelter.  Nice cruise up the westside if heading to the Barrier.

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Yes a great spot to visit +/-2hrs high tide. Just take care if it's blowing a fresh W then the dinghy ride back can be pretty lively as you exit the creak with a healthy wind-over-tide situation. A few weeks ago I ran into 2ft standing waves during some king tides and W20kts - luckily I was on my own but the family wouldn't have enjoyed it much.

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