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SSANZ Lewmar Triple Series

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Freedom got a great start at the pin along with String Theory and Exodus. Went well all the way down to browns island with Attitude catching fast.  String theory dropped their kite after browns with

It was a great sight to see this impressive looking fleet as we cruised past Navy Buoy.

Here is how Island Time's day went.   We left Gulf Harbour about 7:30am - a bit later than expected, not ideal. it was gusting over 40 at Tiri, so went out with deep reefed main and a working jib si

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Yeah, but it was fun! We started under kite (after a pretty slow set, my fault :-( ) and, in the lee of Browns, changed to the A2. That took way too long, but it was the right sail in the end. The crew I had was his 1st time on the boat, so learning.  Once around Rocky bay buoy, on the wind we had good numbers, but were hopelessly outpaced by a 1st 40. That was a bit sad. Carried the A2 again from Waiheke , made up a bit of the time we'd lost. Once around the Haystack, we had some boatspeed issues trying not to have to roll up some headsail, with up to a little over 20kn apparent. Rolling up the headsail means poor pointing. We had the numbers in the lulls, but in the gusts going pretty sideways... Got some work to do there. Managed to put a spreader end thru the genoa during a big knock under motutap. 

Anyway, we had fun, even if the result was crap, didn't matter

Thanks to SSANZ organisers!

Spent Sunday fixing the Genoa. Its getting old. Like it's owner...

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We're the first 40(.7)


Carried the kite for the first half of the leg to Rocky bay but as the pressure built it was a bit shy for us to keep holding it and after a couple of wipeouts we ended up 2 sailing from there which cost us against the other boats in the division.


Had similar issues to IT at times with breeze and not wanting to partially furl the headsail and lose our ability to point, so put a reef in at the haystack and still ended up overpressed at times, but had a fairly decent beat back from there all the same.


Then a good few rums were had at the debreif.


Another fun Ssanz event :)

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We finally managed to join all the dots on Mean Streak and had a largely mistake free race.

Held masthead symmetric from start right on C.U's hip past brown's then had to run off a bit in the puffs and finally decided to foot a bit for speed , then hoist jib and come back up around whatever that big point is called, before setting fractional Gennaker and carrying that all the way to shag island. Rounded that leading all but C.U and then proceeded to play the 'Overpowered Skinny 930' game all the way up the north coast of Waiheke. We took our foot of Mercenaries throat long enough for them to wriggle free by virtue of flatter water and slight breeze bend closer in shore to thumb point and had to engage in some pretty hard thinking shore scaring choppy tide riding through Motuhei channel to get back to them. Once with them we had a short violent and exciting match race and managed to bounce them and lead into the line. Great fun but boy am I sore today!

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Freedom got a great start at the pin along with String Theory and Exodus. Went well all the way down to browns island with Attitude catching fast. 

String theory dropped their kite after browns with us and Attitude fully sending it towards rocky bay right in front of Suellens camera boat. Suellen had just started filming us when the Attitude boys tried to steal our thunder by destroying their kite. 

We carried our kite right down to Rocky bay, then dropped and 2 sailed to passage islands where we hoisted again a little too early. 

This is where we discovered that if you duck under big leaners like Titanium etc you can go really high in their wind shadow and then pop out in front and send off until you find the next one, then go really high again. 

Using this technique we manage to lay into Ruth passage. Just !!

Attiude had peeled to their fractional and held it right across to cow and calf where we went masthead zero then masthead kite, then back to masthead zero.

Lots of position changes here between us, String theory and Exodus with Thio and Lucifer catching fast.

Tacking up Waiheke was a case of trying to find the flattest water we could find and then into Motuihi channel where we swapped tacks with Mr Kite.

Finished with a huge send into the finish on a large gust where Coen was yelling " I CANT LET THE MAIN GO ANY MORE" 

A seriously exciting race, which gave us a 1st equal with White knight for the series. I was ruined afterwards.

Thanks SSANZ for an awesome series.

Thanks Live sail die for an awesome video


FB_IMG_1567364093364 (3).jpg

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white pointer had a pretty good start in baltic 3, up with the 40 footers at browns and a great run down to rocky bay with 10 knts seen on the log, around the mark and  over pressed with the furler for a bit until eased sheets up to haystack, got in a bit of a soft spot coming into haystack which allowed a 1020 to close up on us, around the mark and over pressed again, but starting to get it together when the clew pulled off the headsail with a good bang, no spare sail onboard so boat speed with main only wasnt to good , on with the motor and all speed to izzy bay and a beer or 3, great time was had, thanks SSANZ for running a great event, aim now is to get a decent #3 headsail for nxt year

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