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Hoisting main single handed

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Yup, if you want to go slow, look stupid and have average windward performance. 


I'm sure Greg Elliot would love to see a 10.6m junk rigged Elliott too, he would be so proud.


I'm too stupid for words then.  

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Any silicone residue end up on deck?

I recall someone saying NO silicone lube within 50m of boat.

Yeah, know about fisheyes etc.

Know about slipping on deck at inopportune moment too.

Didn't spray it on the deck, probably makes it nice and shiny, but i'll leave that up to someone else to try if you can find someone that stupid. Meanwhile it works bloody brilliant on sail slides and tracks.

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I actually did my mast while it was lying down on the hard (not attached to boat!), but I would and have sprayed the slides and lower track on the boat. The effect is magic. You can put a little tube on the spray nozzle which helps direct it but I don't think its essential.

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