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Best 40' yacht...

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Old.  Wood.  Carvel Planked.  (1 1/4" NZ Kauri)  High Maintenance.  Thats my boat. 60 years old. 17 years into my ownership of her and never touched the hull, for any repair or maintenance that I

In which case you will be wanting a brand new boat then. Every boat needs maintenance doesn't matter what it's made of in my experience, Steel rusts, Aluminium corrodes and paint flakes, Fibregla

I've got a 2005 Beneteau First 40.7 I reckon would meet your criteria. It's been to Fiji twice, my wife and I sail it easily, not sure about 6'4" headroom but 6'2" son wanders around inside no trouble

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There are a large range of French designs that probably would fit your requirements, I have a 40 year old one, alluminium cutter, 2 Centre boards, unfortunately it wouldn't fit the 6'4" min headroom. Though I have had many 6' plus folk onboard who have managed. All the info you need can be found online, even easier if you speak French. J.P Brouns is one prolific designer, there are many others. Google and Google again.

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Is the headroom absolutely essential? My No.2 son is somewhere over six foot and he recently upgraded to a Chico 35. He doesn't quite have full headroom but doesn't see it as a problem - the first thing you do when you go below is sit down. We lived on a Cav 39 for three years which gave us full headroom, then went down to a H 28 which we lived on for four months over each summer.  We did not find going to a smaller boat with a lot less headroom a problem.  If you can adapt to the need yo bend the head a little when under deck, you have a lot more options.

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