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Boating now heavily restricted

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Agree the govt has form for changing its mind on a whim, but in this context I don't have a problem with it. They are having to make decisions with massive ramifications very quickly and on limited fa

The higher the alert levels, the less rights you have. This is not some form of sinister Gvt control of the People however. It is about keeping the Public safe in a time of crises. You yourself might

Your comment is out of line and I've reported it. We don't need racism in NZ, or anywhere. #givenothingtoracism

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I've just been to the oriface to unload a couple of shipments and was a little surprised to see the vast majority of places have people in them, I presume working. So based on the lock down enforcement ashore I'm pretty confident we can go for a sail without much of a worry.

I bet MNZ is behind most of the water based calls. I wonder if that is wise considering the organisation is known by many, far too many, both locally and internationally as Muppets NZ.


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Muppets NZ must be right up there with S**tless NZ.  

So you can go for a windsurf (presuambly because its got that other "s" word in it) but you can't go for a sail. 

I'm tellin' ya - we got do a whip round and get that guy Cummings down here from England!

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3 hours ago, wheels said:

The PM made it very clear in her speech yesterday that any on water activity is still banned, anything done on/from the shore is ok.

PM say all sorts of s**t that then changes 24 hours later so unless it's formally published, like everything else she's ever said since getting into power I place no credibility on the words that come out of her mouth.

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