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Auckland Water Restrictions

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Starting to feel a sense of concern over not being able to wash the boat down. Surely a quick wash down wouldn't be more than the equivalent of two showers and would only be once or twice a month for most boat owners in Auckland??

Will Watercare be paying for damage to finishes and fittings, due to their failure to ensure Auckland's water supply?

Also just found out that you can only use a bucket for wet sanding of antifoul, no hoses. Sounds like about 100 trips to the tap to fill up the bucket and probably more water wastage than using a hose.

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40 minutes ago, 1paulg said:

Would be making life a bit difficult on some of the town hardstands at the moment - assume they are still waterblasting ?


Yep.  The two I have been too are just pumping salt water and dealing with the corrosion issues.  One I spoke to said there are salt water capable blasters they just come at an high price point, so for them it's a numbers game as to when the corrosion maintenance costs outweigh the salt water blaster costs coupled with when water restrictions will ease.

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Back in June Phil Goff said no problem to wash/rinse outboards on the tv3 AM show,but watercare said no.


Thanks for your query


This statement has not come from Watercare. The restrictions are still in place.


You are unable to flush your boat engine with potable(treated) water and must continue using a non-potable (untreated) water source.


The below link will take you directly to Auckland Council non potable where you can obtain information on sites around Auckland.



Thank you for contacting Watercare


Kind regards,





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15 minutes ago, Young Entertainer said:

or move to tank supply,  i am still only 2min to the marina and i currently have 51000l spilling into the drains it has rained so much in auckland recently.  Rigged up a 500l container in the back of the ute with a submersible pump and 100m hose an and good to go

I am in Gulf Harbour marina, so difficult to move to tank water. 

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