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Auckland Water Restrictions

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5 hours ago, CarpeDiem said:

Yep.  The two I have been too are just pumping salt water and dealing with the corrosion issues.  One I spoke to said there are salt water capable blasters they just come at an high price point, so for them it's a numbers game as to when the corrosion maintenance costs outweigh the salt water blaster costs coupled with when water restrictions will ease.

Just as well I am going to Whangarei for my next haul out which is shortly by the sounds of it !

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21 hours ago, harrytom said:

You are unable to flush your boat engine with potable(treated) water and must continue using a non-potable (untreated) water source.

That's just saying don't wash your outboard using your tap at home, take it and give it a run in the Western Springs pond instead or maybe the one by the War Memorial Museum or what about Phils private council bathroom, I'm sure we'd find those taps aren't restricted.

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12 minutes ago, bigal.nz said:

Anyone know the situation at HMB? We are due to haul out there, and while I am sure they will squirt the boat down in the slings, I am guessing there will be no hose use once in cradle?

Don’t fret it has been raining everyday for a while so you get a fresh water rinse for free.


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2 hours ago, Zozza said:

Is it just me or has it seemed like its rained daily here in Auckland the last 10 weeks.....

With a few pearler sailing days mixed in that unfortunately all occurred during lockdown.....grrrr.

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