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Seafaring nation?

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I don't see how they would be 'stuck' in Tahiti? With a Carte de Seyjour, they could easily sail to Nuka Hiva or sail to the eastern Tuamotu for hurricane season, or even Hawaii to the north. The

Well yes there sort of is rational and sort of a sh*t load of it. As noted they did ask to come and were told No so what did they do, they thought f*ck you new Zealand, f*ck your laws, f*ck the r

They want to come to NZ not because their son died, not because of weather problems, but because their broker says the yacht will sell more easily here. They left and buried their son in the uk,

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I might have started a few arguments on Facebook about Ze Germans.

I think the important point in this case is that they applied for (and were declined) permission to enter NZ.

putting aside the Covid parts, there never been a case where you would face seizure and deportation if expressly denied permission to enter?

As far as the other people stuck in cyclone season, to be fair to the government, we’ve been closed since March - could they opt have found somewhere else to stay over the cyclone season in that time? It’s not like this is coming at them like some kind of surprise...

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I don't think back in March anyone could predict where this was all going and for how long.. I certainly couldn't.

It was also very difficult to predict which countries would be complete dicks and which countries would be sensible and rational going forward. (turns out NZ are complete dicks)

So given that this whole covid thing is a new challenge to the world and the complexities and logistics (prevailing winds etc) of sailing a yacht across oceans back to home countries, surely it is no suprise that a large number of yachties have been caught out in an unfortunate situation.

This is where I would expect the normal human behavior of empathy to kick in. Failing empathy, I would expect at least common sense. There is a huge pool of money sitting on the ocean literally begging to be spent on our marine support industries!

This whole situation defies any logic in my opinion.

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