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Seafaring nation?

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I might have started a few arguments on Facebook about Ze Germans.

I think the important point in this case is that they applied for (and were declined) permission to enter NZ.

putting aside the Covid parts, there never been a case where you would face seizure and deportation if expressly denied permission to enter?

As far as the other people stuck in cyclone season, to be fair to the government, we’ve been closed since March - could they opt have found somewhere else to stay over the cyclone season in that time? It’s not like this is coming at them like some kind of surprise...

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They should have registered the Anita as a super yacht what a complete fiasco.

If you have a bulging wallet then the borders are open but not for humanitarian purposes.

 Superyachts entering NZ border can quarantine at sea - if they spend millions in repairs before America's Cup.


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11 hours ago, Sabre said:

I have just emailed all my local Labour MP's/candidates.

I am pissed about this. There is no logical or rational explanation for treating these sailors like this.

They were given (or took) safe harbour. They've been given food and water. Sounds like they got some free first world medical care as well (full medical check up & covid tests).

I wouldn't be surprised if they also have free round the world air tickets. You don't normally have to pay cash to be deported do you? Being returned free of charge to your home country from the other side of the world doesn't sound that bad to me. I have family members stuck on the other side of the world and can't get home.

There are plenty of countries you'd just get shot at if you tried crossing their border after expressly being told no. Its not like our Navy chased them back out into the South Pacific.

Is this really a bad outcome for them?

There are two underlying issues for all of these cruisers. One is they need to change their plans, due to a world wide pandemic. You simply can't continue cruising around the world right now. Same as no one goes through the Suez canal anymore due to piracy in the Indian Ocean. Sometimes you have to adapt to the prevailing conditions.

The other is the protection of their assets / property. They aren't keen to leave their assets in the islands, where all these islanders have to live year round and endure these cyclones. Sounds like a first world problem.

Now there boat is safe, and they are safe. Not sure what will happen to their boat now. Maybe they should have left it somewhere in the islands?

The issue you appear to have is they have been sent home after turning up. What is the alternative? Let them move in? Maybe they'd be happy to do your job for you, for half the pay? The whole immigration / border access arguement is to get people in who will work for less than NZ'ers.

And rule one in any crisis, you have to maintain the rule of law. Doesn't matter if you disagree with the decision, you must maintain law and order.

I think when you let the emotion die down, and think about what their situation was, and what alternatives they had, they have a fairly good outcome. They'll be happily drinking beer made under the Bavarian purity law and have freedom of movement across the EU before we are actually allowed to have a wee beach party after some little 2 handed race...

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36 minutes ago, twisty said:

It's interesting that on this site there is a lot of sympathy for cruisers from the islands. On SA I don't see much sympathy for them.

That is a good example, SA being Merican and all. What happens if you try entering the US illegally? They've been permanently confiscating your children, locking them in wire cages and deporting the adults back to what they were escaping from. Never mind your boat.

I am genuinely interested in these German's situation though. Bernard Moitissuer sailed from Tahiti to Europe. If you are stuck in Tahiti, need to get back to your own country, and want to take your boat with you, it has been done before...

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Realistically few if any of these boats/crew are up to a non stop passage from Tahiti to Europe via the Horn. That would be carnage. Most of them wouldn't have the range to sail back to Panama.  Can't  go north, can't go south,  cant stay put. 

What would you have done?

I think the next thing to happen will be a boat arriving and bypassing customs. 

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2 hours ago, Fish said:

I wouldn't be surprised if they also have free round the world air tickets. You don't normally have to pay cash to be deported do you? Being returned free of charge to your home country from the other side of the world doesn't sound that bad to me.

While they won't pay up front, they'll end up with the liability. NZ Govt may or may not have the ability recover this via various international treaties. 

One thing for certain, until that debt is settled, they won't even be considered for an NZ visa. And even after it is paid there's still no guarantee.

Their boat, if seized, will ultimately be sold, this would offset their deportation costs, any residual will be forfeit.

So not exactly 'free', but none the less it's an effective way to liquidate an asset if your intention was to spend every cent of it on airfares anyway. 

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