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Vendee Globe 2020

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Most of the links on the official website for the tracking map are broken. But you can find it here.

Wouldn't  you classify the new gen IMOCA boats as flying machines ? there is not much of the hull in contact with the water when they are at pace

shipping - traffic seperation scheme

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The VG is truly one of a kind, always enjoy following it and this year has all the indicators of being a classic, even by VG standards.


Must put some thoughts together, however for those interested, a slightly modified version of the rankings splitting boats into groups based on the VG for which they were originally built.  2008 was apparently a vintage year for boats.



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Charles Caudrelier was on the vendee globe tv update this morning and it sounds like they're heading off on the Jules Verne challenge on Wed, all going well they hope to be rounding Cape of Good Hope about the same time as the leading Vendee boats.


What a weapon...


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The Hugo Boss boat looks like it is in some serious trouble... heard about 'structural issues' a few hours ago and not the bow height is now minus (-) 1.49 meters! 

Here is an Image from the Alex Thompson Racing Site from 9:04pm... Computer image but causes some concern, eh?

Hugo Boss Now.png

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Vendée Globe: Damage to HUGO BOSS

Published on November 22nd, 2020


(November 22, 2020; Day 15) – Vendée Globe favorite Alex Thomson (GBR) has paused racing to address damage to his 2019 VPLP-design HUGO BOSS. Ross Daniel, Technical Director at Alex Thomson Racing, has released the following statement at 11:30 GMT on November 22:

“Yesterday evening (Saturday 21st November), while Alex was carrying out a routine inspection onboard HUGO BOSS, he spotted what he believed to be some structural damage in the bow area of the boat. He immediately notified myself and the team on shore, and we provided clear instructions to allow him to carry out a full inspection of the damage.

“That inspection has revealed some structural damage to a longitudinal beam at the front of the boat. The damage appears to be isolated to that area alone. It is yet unclear what caused this damage. There have been no incidents of concern onboard the boat during the race so far.

“Together with our structural engineers and naval architects, we worked through the night to put together a full repair plan for Alex. During this time, Alex took some rest onboard in order to prepare to begin that repair work this morning.

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