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5 weeks at sea +14 days Auckland Quarantine

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12 minutes ago, NorthlandYS said:

We have visas, we have the yacht exemption, we followed the rules. The rules were changed on us after arrival. You guys honestly don’t have any issue with that?  


We want to keep our borders secure. The bureaucracy that administers that can be cumbersome. Sometimes you have to live with that. Rules are changing a lot around the world. Kiwi's are struggling to get home to visit dying relatives, and your bitching about not being able to go sailing? For a whole week? It was probably a whole lot clearer when there was a blanket ban on foreign yachts arriving. No one could complain about the rules being changed on them, then...

I'm really struggling to understand what your issue is with having to do your quarantine in a hotel? Is the bed too soft? The free food not to your tastes? The air con too warm? too cold?

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A promising start.   The border is not 100% secure to Covid in the same way that our border is not 100% secure to anything.  This is why the testing takes place at entry and in MIQ. T

NYS, the vast majority of foreign cruisers would rate your getting entry into NZ in the current world situation up there with winning lotto. On top of that you say the cost of your quarantine is being

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The biggest problem the "bureacracy" has to deal with is figuring out who is telling the truth. Because they can't trust everyone they therefore must trust no one. Obviously some people are inconvenienced, but that's life. By getting on crew NYS has used up some of his boring time in MIQ, so that's a positive.

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So your home base is St Augustine, Florida. You left Panama in July, at which time it was abundantly clear that there was a substantial global pandemic. It was also clear that your government's management of the pandemic was a complete clusterfuck.

Did you skip out of Florida to avoid the situation at home? and if it was clear there were going to be borders closed all over the place, why didn't you double back to the good old US of A (even west coast?)

In your opening post, you comment that Fiji and Australia's entry requirements are more strict than ours. I'm assuming you mean they don't allow sea time to count as part of quarantine? If thats the case, why do you now have a problem with having to quarantine?

Perhaps Customs slapped the 14 days on you, because you demonstrated to them you don't understand the rules. The law says you were 7 days, you think you were 5 weeks. Big difference. You are failing to grasp that.

How many times have the rules changed re covid in Florida since you left? You are complaining about a very minor rule change here, but you seem to miss the point you were granted entry at all. So how are you different from the Germans or any other arrogant cruiser?

PS, apparently there has been 20,000 covid deaths in Florida, and 1.13 mil cases.

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NYS - my brother and sister are unable to get home to see our dying mother. The earliest they can get into MIQ is late February which is very likely to be too late. Your moaning about being able to sail down here whenever you wanted to arrive and get straight into a MIQ hotel is quite frankly pissing me off. There are literally thousands of New Zealanders who would like to be able to just arrive and do their two weeks. 

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2 hours ago, NorthlandYS said:

We have visas, we have the yacht exemption, we followed the rules. The rules were changed on us after arrival. You guys honestly don’t have any issue with that?  Our situation has nothing to too with “entitled yachties” or “those Germans"

The rule is that if you arrive on a recreational small craft, within 12 days of your last port of call, (which for you was Minerva Reef), then you're required to be transferred to a MIQ facility for the minimum period of 14 days.

These are the current rules for recreational vessels as I've understood them.  So I am not seeing any government overreach in what you've explained.

Don't be confused with the rules for commercial ships, which don't have a 12 day rule and must have an approved Covid management plan that includes a ships Doctor. 

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6 hours ago, NorthlandYS said:

The greater good? You must be joking! I’m actually quite shocked how many on here are willing to enable this government overreach.

Many here think NZ can be all it can be if only more hugs are thrown around. That's what you're dealing with unfortunately.

4 hours ago, NorthlandYS said:

We have visas, we have the yacht exemption, we followed the rules. The rules were changed on us after arrival. You guys honestly don’t have any issue with that?

Contrary to the twitterati, or so you'd think by their pile on, I do have a issue with Govts saying one thing and doing another. In fact I got fucked over by the exact same mob who did the exact same thing to our family a few months back, say one thing but do something very different and I am talking covid related like you. So while you may seem a lone voice here in the Jacinda Arse Kissing Society, you aren't not outside of it.

But what can you do? I'd say bugger all but suck it up buttercup, as unfortunate as that is. The person whose mind you have to change is heavily protected so unless you are some senior person in the UN or an uber rich prick your voice will not be heard. 

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:) See what I mean NYS, this place lacks tolerance and only allows certain very narrow opinions, contrary to what many will try and tell you. Sadly your opinion is obviously not on the allowable list so you'll have been tagged as 'persona non grata' now which means you'll also be regarded as a rich prick, a white supremacist, you voted for Trump 3 times, a racist and you stomp on babies.

Welcome to NZ, the land of hugs kisses and all with very large intolerance issues....not to mention racist as f*ck.

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