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Waiheke Island no take zone

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On 17/02/2021 at 6:46 AM, harrytom said:

According to legasea and nzsfc reserves serve no purpose as far as increasing biomass.there is the problem.how much coast do you lock off?? Remember if you lock off 20/30 miles if coast you then put more pressure on remains areas  Take goat island most stock has moved why?.poached lack of food area to small to sustain.

Marine Reserves do little to increase the biomass outside the reserve if the reserve is too small (and not part of a planned larger network of MRs). The MR at Goat Island is a good example - only 5sq km - there are very few snapper just outside the MR because of edge fishing. Even whats in the MR is not as much as it could be. 

Dr.Grace states that the MR's need to be at least 40 sq km each - and carefully selected through out the gulf to catch various types of habitat - again at least 10% of the gulf needs to be MR. 20% would be better. 

No expert here - but that is what the report says and makes sense.

On a happy note I was able to snorkel and see crays in 1.5m of water at Tawharanui the other day - on the little rocky outcrop between Anchor bay and the next one towards the peninsula. Wouldn't it be great to see as much protection of the ocean at Tiri as there is of the land?

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Go for a snorkel with the schools of 10lb plus snapper and shoals of trevally at the Poor Knights to see how reserves can work. We swam with a turtle there this Christmas for 15 minutes or so which wa

The problem isn’t the recreational take, it’s less than 4% off the top of my head. The problem is quotas were issued on historical data, so if you caught x tonnes of fish for the last x years the

We both share abundant access to seafood but for cultural reasons we have almost diametrically opposed health outcomes. Medical science ranks Japan as one of the healthiest nations on earth (indeed Ok

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Tiri tiri Matangi would make a great reserve around the whole island,500m exclsion zone,would give visitors the chance to snorkel while waiting for ferry etc.cleanish/clear water.Had this descussion with Scott Macindoe a few yrs ago..    There is a reserve off long bay and I think it is only to protect the pipi beds,n and same around the sisters at Waiheke/ponui only ever held undersize and Kahawai.

The problem is trying to the reserves across the line,opposition from both parties comms/reccs not in my backyard.

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