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Waiheke Island no take zone

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Here is the Herald article "Fish" interperupt the last sentence how you see fit.But I would suggest 10/20 yrs it will be closed.



The party's other co-leader Rawiri Waititi added that, "All land upon which there is significant traffic by way of fishing and or boating has been found also to be within Māori rights.

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Fishing, diving and spearfishing to be banned in Mōtītī Protection Area

A new marine protection area has been confirmed near Mōtītī Island, off the Bay of Plenty coast.

The new blanket ban will mean recreational, commercial, and customary fishers, divers and spearfishers will no longer be allowed to anchor on or take marine life from the three reefs making up the Mōtītī Protection Area.

These are Ōtaiti Astrolabe Reef which was the site of the 2011 Rena oil spill, Motuhaku Island Schooner Rocks and Motunau Plate Island.



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Government to ban commercial skippers from discarding fish overboard

The Government is making the biggest changes to fisheries management in decades, banning commercial fishing skippers from discarding fish overboard, Newshub can reveal.

A ban on discards means all quota fish pulled up - regardless of size - will have to be brought back to the wharf and tallied up against the big fishing firms' total allowable catch. 

"Obviously if fish are put back dead in the sea, it's not good for the fishery, so we're changing the rules to say, 'if you catch a fish then you've got to land it,'" Parker told Newshub.



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2 hours ago, Black Panther said:

Brought 1 packet of bait with me. Got 5 meals of fish in the freezer.  I didn't know winter fishing could be this good.

Now have to wait a couple of days for the SWly to arrive. 

Well done.winter fishing can be  good.water temp is still warm.

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