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Cost of lift out and hardstand for a 40 footer..

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....well by now you probaly know that I am interested in real numbers...

The insurance question didnt get a lot of anwsers...


SO...what do you pay for a lift...blast ...and weekly hardstand.

Just as important....can you do the work yourself....and live aboard.


To put this into perspective...try about $300 a day in Sydney Harbour...and I am pretty sure that you wont be allowed to be a liveaboard....

..and that seems to be the last marina willing to do it....


Number one rule ???? DONT BREAK DOWN if you are a liveaboard in Sydney.

This is a real situation so if you know any differant...


(oh the joys of a calculator...I just worked out that I have spent way more than 15 768 Hours SLEEPING on my boat : ) .....)

working on it...hhhmmm seems the calculator has a flat battery...

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Grid use appear to be banned around NZ except for a very light rub with a sponge, Whatever is attached to the hull must be removed and captured to a sludge tank. I wonder if any of the folk propo

I'm a similar size and also looking. People are pretty booked up at the moment.   I'll come alongside and we can do both boats together. Easier with an extra hand!

You could try Panmure Yacht & boating club. They used to haul non members but you go to the back of the queue and get hauled when no members waiting. Good facilities. Don't know where you are moor

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...no my boat not broke !..

Costs are from a recent discusion with a mate from Sydney.

I am about to get hauled (in an hours time) for a fraction of the Sydney costs. Mid $600 for haul and blast and about $130 per week for the hardstanding..

To put it into perspective , I just had a another friend tell me of $1000 a day with fines of $25000 per can of paint if you use the wrong stuff...in the good old us of a..

I just have a general interest in the cost of boat ownership...

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CCYC members get a $175 lift, blast and splash deal at Westpark. I think a haul-out, storage for a week and splash is around $500 - $600. No problems with living on board


Im living in Sydney at present with my boat back in AKL as the holiday crash pad. I looked at bringing her over here, but marina costs etc are right up there. Rushcutters Bay is about NZD$800-900 per week and the water nazis wont let you do any maintanence on your boat while its in the water.


The cruising is far better in NZ as well

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...all good...

the more input the better.

I think that we are a little to quiet about our real costs...and I dont understand why ...

Scared of the missus ?...worried that you have the cheapest deal in town and they will stick their prices up straight away ?

truth is i think there is a lie about boat ownership and quite a few people are paying WAY more than is reasonable..


I dont belive in 'Elite" crap with boat ownership...and until people start to say what charges are realy happeneing then nothing will change.


Ok kids...you can by a cheap bomb...go fang it up through the forests for a few bucks..all legal...


...but boats ? forget it....WAY to expensive.

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Its a life style thing. Once you are in your life style moulds. It could be a simple as replacing your car every 6 years not 3.


I raced sports cars for years and was away almost every 2nd weekend. When I stopped I thought the boat was cheap.


Marina fees have close to doubled in 9 years.

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