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  1. Looking for a Rudder angle sensor to work with a Simrad Autopilot (AP12). Ideally a NMEA2000 type, but it can also take an non NMEA 2000 sensor, a two wire RF300. PM here or 021 229 4005 Thanks!
  2. Hmm, I think we had a melges 24 section in High-n-Fibre and its a lot bigger than the sections they used in the Shaw 650s. I don't think a shaw 650 bulb will be heavy enough to make it self righting. Well done 44Fourty on the Route 66 race. Third mono over the line is awesome for a little boat. We were 5th on line in High-n-Fibre (Vickers 7m) in 2013.
  3. Cool looking boat. I'll be interested to hear your feedback on the proa concept after you've had it for a while as you're a very educated multihuler!
  4. What does a MADD Pack contain?
  5. Dean Kennedy is also really good.
  6. Adrianp

    Shore power

    Thanks Wheels - that the best explanation I've seen for this complex issue!
  7. In 5 months of living aboard (for 3 people) with a Gas Califont and Oven/stove we used 1.5 x 9kg bottles.
  8. In the Piedy with 1.4m draft, we used to plan on 2 hours before high tide and 1.5hrs after high. We touched a few times at the 2hr before high so seemed pretty accurate!
  9. Anyone know why there are 5 brand new swing moorings at Northcote point registered to Westhaven? They are the ones in the purple box below:
  10. Ryobi 18v! They make a 12v>18v charger that fast and there is a huge range of tools that are reasonably priced, but also have a 7 year warranty. One of my favorites in the range is this fan - sooo good when you stuck in the bilge doing a crappy sweaty job! We have two now!
  11. Agreed, Just awesome! Reminds me a little bit of crossing Bream Bay in almost every coastal I've done in an 8.5m Multi! There's always an element of backing off to "Survival mode" for a bit.
  12. Adrianp

    apache cat

    I think the MOD70s originally had a hydraulic main sheet (you can see the ram on the boom in that video) and it was very slow to release, causing that and the spindrift capsize. They changed the system to act quicker and gave the helm a dump button too I think.
  13. Adrianp

    apache cat

    I was impressed at how all the big crusing Multis pushed this year. Kotuku came passed us on Lucifer (8.5m Tri) at Rangi light with the Genny on and flying a hull. And it wasn't "flying a hull while bearing away" it was "flying a hull and just leaning on it" Romanza did a huge catchup job to finish within sight of the other big multis, considering they broke a Zero halyard on the start and only passed us in Bream Bay when we could no longer see the other big multis. I took a couple of photos of Apache as I liked her mooring setup but they show what a slim, light boat she must be.
  14. https://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/travel-troubles/117140620/missing-kiwi-tourist-found-floating-in-inflatable-dinghy-off-crete Glad shes OK. Wonder why it took 2 days to find her?
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