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  1. The NZ Multihull Yacht Club also offers free first year membership to new members who own a multihull. Great way to get out the contact list and keep informed. https://www.multihull.org.nz/membership/
  2. What does Point 2 mean? They will only consider changes if the rest of the world has already agreed on it? No concept of local rules to match NZ conditions/situations? Anyone wishing to submit feedback is asked to use the following format: Proposed rule change with reference to the number. Recognised (SOLAS, World Sailing, ABS, ISO, CE, Bureau Veritas) technical substantiation for that proposed rule change. Details of the organisation represented declaring any potential conflicts of interest. Please email angus@yachtingnz.org.nz
  3. We recently upgraded to a Fergi buoy and for us its awesome, no mucky mooring lines, no heavy lines to get up to the bows, which a 2m up above the water. The buoy hitting the boat is a real issue though. Being a Cat, we were able to put the Fergi on a short bridal where is can't actually touch the hulls. We're in a high tide flow area and this is where the Fergi was the other day when I got to the boat! When its like this the top of the Buoy does bump the bottom of the Catwalk, but its 36mm 8 Braid so soft enough to do no damage.
  4. Wow, Cant see Sea Legs surviving. I think this is a good thing. It will allow competition in this market and bring the cost of these things down. We looked at getting a Sealegs for my mothers Partner so that he could keep boating with poor mobility, it was 200k for the cheapest Sealegs model, then 30k a year for recommended servicing and upgrades + getting the actual outboard serviced. That idea didn't go far! From what I hear, the Smuggler version with electric drives in each wheel sounds like a simpler and safer system already.
  5. Yep, High-n-Fibre Now in Wellington. Great little boat that we had some good fun on until I found out I could own a multihull that'd go fast upwind AND downwind, not just downwind like the sportboat. I'll bet money on Phil trading in the Shaw for a Farrier in the next few years! 😉
  6. Are they saying all 4000 numbers are Trailer yachts? Don't think that is right considering my Piedy was 4191 and my sportboat was T4161.
  7. Remember that the Race authority states in the Race instructions what Safety spec you need to comply with and Sport Trailer Yacht may not be included in normal Yacht clubs NOR. SSANZ used to do one of the Trailer yacht ones (A?) but Route 66, Coastal, etc are just Cat 3-5.
  8. Yep, went out to check on the boat today and give the mooring a very thorough inspection (and scrub). THen scrubbed all the bird sh1t off the decks 😒 Then gave the engines a run in reverse which further tested the mooring. So Calm I could even drop and flake the Genoa myself. Beautiful day for it!
  9. https://multihull.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/2011-05_Borderline.pdf
  10. And Phil, be careful who you let park the trailer when the drawbar is extended - its not for the inexperienced. My mate found a planter box at Westhaven!
  11. No Stern extension, just the angle. We had a lot of fun in that boat. It was built with nomex core and was very well built, off a mould, with a plan to commercially sell them. It company well belly up in the GFC and she ended up being the only one built. Very unusual hull shape. At some point she was antifouled and the paint was given the golf ball texture so break the water tension. Didn't work and at15kts she'd just hit the wall. We spent a whole winter sanding off a full thickness, rockhard antifoul layer off the boat, which wasn't much fun! I cant recommend using a forklift in the manner below. It was dodgy AF!
  12. Adrianp

    2:1 halyard hardware

    On freedom we had a low friction rig with a wide stainless steel shackle over it. It meant the pin of the shackle was very close to the top of the main and halyard. Simple and cheap!
  13. Looks like some footage in the first half of this video too. The Cat looks like its getting an easier ride that the Monowai!
  14. I'm planning to heading out to the boat on her mooring under Level 3 to work on her, seeming as my work has dropped down a few days a week. Its 500m off the wharf, do I perfectly comply and Row out/in? Or do I use the outboard like normal? The outboard is lower risk but breaking the "motorised" rule.
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