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  1. I'm guessing this 108yo beauty has no electronics whatsoever? What is the damage its showing KM?
  2. The Deltas do get a bit squirrely going downwind with a bit of puff. I've tipped mine over a couple of times like that, giggling away the whole time! Lots of fun. I've met the designer a couple of times. He has a half size Delta on the roof of his launch. Super cute watching his grandkids row around in it.
  3. Don't forget to make your submission this weekend or you can't complain when they raise the speed limit to 18kts, which is the current favored response. https://akhaveyoursay.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/navigation-safety-bylaw?tool=survey_tool&tool_id=navigation-bylaw My submission: "Auckland Harbour is a small waterspace used by many vessels, often not following the expected east/west route of the harbour. 18knots is far to fast for untrained skippers to operate in very confined waters. Many private skippers do not follow the 5knots with 50m of a another vessel an
  4. You could always swap down to the smaller Yanmar 3ym30AE and SD25 saildrives with the basic dog clutch. This is what we have in Lady Nada (well the older 3YM30 and SD20) and 95% of time is more than sufficient. There are some times when we feel a little underpowered with a big headwind, but that's more just being a little slow than a safety issue. If we had to repower the boat, I'd chose the same engine/SD20. The 3ym30 is a great engine and very smooth. Big weight saving too: 3YM30AE + SD25 - 160kg x 2 = 320kg 3JE5E + SD50 - 220kg x 2 = 440kg But then last time we saw you,
  5. I've been to see them and they are giving me good advice. Thanks for the recommendation.
  6. Us multihull owners love our redundancy for our redundancy! As the alternator belt drives the internal waterpump, we do need to have some kind of spare onboard in case one throws a bearing.
  7. Thanks, That's some really good advice that has got me rethinking what I'm actually trying to do. I don't really need the charging capacity of the stock Hitachi, and I have 3 of them (1 on the engine, one off the other engine and one spare), but the charging capacity of the Balmar is more essential if the sun doesn't shine. We killed a set of AGMs in Tonga when is rained for almost 5 weeks straight, so no solar, and our generator died (RIP you POS!). I'll start my research on those Leece Neville alternators as we have plenty of room around the engine.
  8. On our sailing cat we've upgraded one of our alternators on our Yanmar 3YM30 to a grunty Balmar 175a XT alternator, Balmar external regulator and Serpentine belt kit. This system works well and charges the Lithium house battery. The other engine still has the standard 60a Hitachi alternator with a single V-Belt and only charges the start batteries for both engines and works fine for this, but now I have different belts and regulation on each of the engine, so having a spare alternator is a bit of a pain. I'd like to upgrade the standard alternator to something with a external regu
  9. Adrianp

    Lithium v AGM

    These are the LiFePO4 cells that we have just got for Lady Nada - 8 x Winston 300ah cells to give 600ah @12V. They get some pretty good abuse in this video without catastrophic failure.
  10. Adrianp

    NZ to Fiji

    A few more photos of NV from last winter in Tonga and Fiji, where we buddy boated with them. The 4.2m draft and small motor (40hp??) limited her a bit and they needed to follow us into most anchorages, with me relay the depth on the VHF to them. Going into Vulaga, the last part of the reef pass is only about 4-5m deep in Coral and I ended up swimming in front of them to guide them between bombies! Its not my choice of boat for the islands but they got there and did it! Its since been sold to new owners who are keeping it in Fiji.
  11. Most of the Multis I race on use the setup you have pictured but with a block to prevent chafe.
  12. The are Country Specific, so they the right rescue centre get the alarm. Our Boat came with an Ozzie one and it could not be registered with MNZ as it alerts Ozzie if activated. We brought a NZ one in the end but carry the Ozzie one as a backup. After a lot of emails, I managed to get the details updated of the Ozzie one so that they know who to contact if it goes off half way to Fiji.
  13. We found the Magic 25 kites to be the best as they have put some much development into them. I think they are only 65m2, where that Greeny is almost 100m2, but just way more efficient.
  14. Almost had a collision with a very new 50ft launch last Sunday who thought it was acceptable to pass us at 12kts when he was 20m away from us. I motioned 5 knots and he motioned back 12kts - completely clueless about the rules. Can't wait for him to pass us at 18kts next time!
  15. I'm used to reading long, poorly written Govt/Public documents but the "Nav Safety Findings" document is a whole new level of poorly written. It’s like they forgot to hit the spelling/grammar check when they finally finished the document. It’s so confusingly written, I'm not sure what they are asking for. They have gone overboard on useless statistics too. I can't see the reasoning for increasing the 12kt harbour limit to 18kts is safer - 8knots would be the safer speed for reducing the massive wakes coming from the Gin Palaces.
  16. Adrianp

    Coastal 2020

    Cockleshell Trophy went to the 10m Cat Exodus https://www.givencats.com/q_getboataspect.cfm?id=9
  17. Adrianp

    Coastal 2020

    The Start order was changed a couple of years ago so that the slower divisions start at 9.30, then some at 9.45, and then fast boats at 10am. Used to be fast boats at 10am, and then some divisions 10.05 and then small boats at 10.10. It helps quite a bit to start them just a bit earlier. Makes for spectular sailing too as the fast boats come ripping through the other divisions.
  18. Adrianp

    Coastal 2020

    Well said BooBoo. Spot on - it's an event weekend and its "The Event" of Kiwi yachting. I missed one two years ago as I was still in Fiji and I was so gutted watching the live start and coverage that I made sure I was back in NZ for the following race. We didn't finish this year on Epsom Salts (8.5m Cat), motored the last 25 nm to Russell, had a awseome afternoon/evening catching up with friends and dancing away to the band, then a long motor home with another catchup in Tutukaka on Sunday night. Towed the race boat behind the cruising bus. Its been one of the best Coastal Weekends I
  19. Salt water blasted waterline - before and after (well, front couple of meters).
  20. Two options I've recently done I recently hooked up out water blaster to the salt water deck wash pump and gave the boat a good washdown - worked mint and the next lot of rain washed the salt all away. Hopped in the dinghy and cleaned up the waterline too, which is a good way to do it when you have 180ft of dirty waterline (44ft cat). We recently hauled out and wanted to wash the boat down in the yard - so we took our own water to the yard in a 250L plastic barrel on our dinghy trailer. We have a 10,000 rainwater tank at home, so heaps of water there. Lasted about a hour of water
  21. Our solution: Change your phone to 2 degrees and get a new phone from them that has "Wifi Calling" - basically phones works as normal but over wifi rather than cellphone network. https://www.2degreesmobile.co.nz/wificalling/ Then Steal the neighbours wifi and go for gold. Or the more honestway - We often hoist our Cell to Wifi modem (https://www.gowifi.co.nz/wireless/rbwapgr-5hacd2hnd_r11e-lte6.html) to the top of the mast in a drybag, with a second 2 Degrees simcard in it. 2 Degrees allows you to share your data plan with another simcard for free so it can just use your
  22. I replaced my worn out 2 blade folding Briskis in 2018 for a pair of 2 blade folding Goris. The Goris were only 10% more expensive than the Briskis! Been great props so far. What was painful was taking one of the Briskis to the scrap metal yard..........
  23. This 2h video of a bunch of Kiwis doing the transit is a good Lockdown watch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQ80U5VZ5zM&t=1912s Whats the the Histrory of this boat? It looks like a sistership to the Sylfia of the Expedition Drenched boat
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