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  1. Sadly we have had to cancel the race this year. It's been a very tough decision for the NZMYC as we just wanted to RACE! Get ready for a really big one next year as it is the 40th anniversary of the race! https://www.coastalclassic.co.nz/post/pic-coastal-classic-flies-ap-flag-for-labour-weekend?fbclid=IwAR2lSwMeYYtnT5qpCEFTYhNHgH8WINVbJXghn8e8DEzuvqCJZXwKHcQM9bs
  2. Good thought. A couple of friends have theirs coming out the bottom of the bridgedeck, so will see how it is working for them. This guy puts his coming out the front of the bridgedeck, which would worry me on many levels!
  3. This might be the right option for me. I can install under the saloon seating which makes it: Close to Galley Sink, so we don't waste a lot of water waiting for the hot water to come through. Easy to run air ducts through to both hulls and saloon. The Hot air won't really make it into our rear cabins but these are usually warm from the engines. I guess I could adapt this to a Hydronic system for these cabins if this really turned out to be an issue. Exhaust can go out the bottom of the bridgedeck. Its more expensive that I wanted to spend but probably not that bad co
  4. This is such a good feature that I use all the time. I have an old tablet in our saloon that we use to mirror the chartplotter screen onto for the onwatch crew and we even have the ability to display it on the 27in TV via android TV but that uses a bit too much power on long passages. I often use it on a windy night to help me sleep better an anchor. We have a mount for a tablet above our bunk, and I always set a waypoint when I drop the anchor, so can have dist to waypoint (often 40-50ish meter), radar and wind info shown, so if you wake up you can quickly see you haven't moved and no
  5. It is if you get it really really wrong!
  6. Latest Update - there will be a race if it is possible!
  7. I started looking at Cellphone boosters and they get real complicated real fast as the signal gained using an external aerial is quickly lost in the cables. I ended up going down a different route and have 3G/4G modem that we can share data (free) with off our 2Degrees phones, and then use the 2Degrees Wifi Calling feature which allows you to make calls over wifi networks rather than cell network. When coverage is bad at anchor, we just hoist the modem up the mast in a dry bag, get us 20m of elevation to a decent 3G/4G network but still a strong wifi signal from the modem. https://
  8. Adrianp

    NZ yachts

    The Des Townson Book is a good read too. https://destownson.co.nz/
  9. Unfortunately not as our walkways to the hulls are right at the bulkhead and the califont would be right in the way. Please excuse the mess in the photo! I could actually put it outside on the back of the bulkhead but that feels like a great way to take a zero maintenance item and turn it into at rusty maintenance nightmare!
  10. Its that "but any repairs or modifications to existing installations shall comply with the requirements of this standard" that is a bit tricky. I'd like to replace my gas hose as I have no idea how old it is but it will likely need an upgrade to modern standards if I do. So for now its better (but not safer) to just not touch it.
  11. There must be a good story behind this. Anyone know it? Drug runner or something more boring like unpaid marina fees? https://www.36degrees.nz/yacht-boat-sales-auckland-new-zealand/boat/fountaine-pajot-marquises-60
  12. Does anybody have a copy of the 2003-2010 Gas Regulations? Actually it might be the NZS 5428:2006 LPG installations for non-propulsive purposes in caravans and boats that my 2007 boat needs to comply with.
  13. The flu is my issue. The Califont is on the back of this wall where the blue box is, with no wall above, or anywhere to run a flue. We don't really have any other good locations. I have just found photos from the lunching in 2007 showing the same califont in the same location, so maybe I do check the applicable regs from then and argue it is still legal.
  14. Ok, thanks for the info. I'm now thinking my system might look like: Mount a 40L hot water cylinder behind my port engine. It will be below the radiator cap on the heat exchanger, so bleeding should be OK. I guess bigger would be better but I've just removed a 120kg generator from this space and don't want to put weight that far back in the hulls. I'll order a Cylinder with twin coils to future proof myself. One for engine now, one for a future diesel Hydronic Heater. Leave space for a Hydronic heater for possible future expansion if we want heating to extend winter cruisi
  15. How far away from the engine can you mount the cylinder? Would 2m and 1m above the engine be too far?
  16. Definitely interested to know more about this system. I like the future option of boat heating too. I guess that would involve piping and radiators around the boat? If Bad Kitty said that's the right system, I should probably listen too!
  17. This is a tricky one. Technically you are right and that approach has got me through a couple of inspections. However its the one thing in the boat the inspector was not happy with. For the next inspection, I'm going to need him to go out on a limb over the new window regulations as our boat will not be complying with the new shutter requirements, so I can at least sort the califont out.
  18. The trials and tribulations of 60 footer life! The galley tap will be my furthest fitting from the Hot water cylinder, which isn't ideal. I was thinking I might put a valve just by the galley tap that diverts water from the hot water line back to the water tank (just next to the galley), so at least we don't waste a couple of litres of water waiting for the hot water to come through. The califont is only about 1.5m from the galley tap and it still takes about 1L of water before its hot. We always have some sodastream or drink bottles ready to fill to capture it.
  19. Our current Gas Califont installation doesn't comply with the CAT1 regs and its time to sort it out. We don't have anywhere good to mount a califont that would comply so I'm thinking its time to change to engine/240V heated hot water cylinder setup. It'll be connected to Yanmar 3YM30 + likely to be heated with with 240V using excess power from our 1.5KW of solar + 3kw inverter. I'm after recommendations of good brands and ones to stay away from.
  20. I think the Piedys are talking to Yachting NZ directly about a class dispensation for lifelines, as the safety they provide can more practically be achieved with harnesses, tethers and jackstays. I think it would be awesome to have a fleet of Piedys sending it up each year. The bay will definitely know when they arrive!
  21. We have 2 x Yanmar 3YM30 in our cat and I'm due to replace the stupid yanmar exhaust mixing elbows that seem to last only a few years. I'm looking at the HDI ones rather than the Yanmar one as I hear good things about them. We currently have the high-rise mixer style but I don't think we need them anymore as we have changed the rest of the exhaust system. Original Exhaust system : High Riser Mixer (no anti syphon fitted. Mixer head is about 150mm above waterline) Wetbox in bilge Exhaust hose then looped up about 300mm above waterline Hose ran down to outlet
  22. Really? We were definitely watching a different race then. They pumped all the way up the second beat, and it looked to generate about 0.5k boat speed. The 470 is an embarrassment to sailing based on that medal race. Ridiculous. Yachts should be powered by the wind, not the crew bouncing away to flap the sails upwind and down.
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