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  1. We at the NZ Multihull Yacht Club are monitoring the situation and are planning for an alternative start line near Narrow Neck if needed, but the PIC Coastal Classic will be going ahead on the 20th of October.
  2. Great Video. The Racing is much closer than I expected for very precious 100yr old boats! Those gybes look slightly terrifying!
  3. Can we please book in 20kts Southwester for Friday 20th October?
  4. NRC are seeking contractors to trial suction dredging in Omakiwi Cove. This was on GETS today. At least they are trying to do something! Suction+Dredging+RFP+August+2023.pdf
  5. And so the restrictions on our cruising begins. Rahui now in place for anchoring within 1nm of the Waiheke finding of Caulerpa. I think this is a good idea if they plan to get rid of it but I'm worried if it's just a wait and see approach. https://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/auckland-top-stories/300957729/waiheke-iwi-declares-rhui-over-increasing-caulerpa-spread https://www.ngatipaoaiwi.co.nz/media-release-2.html This map is my guess at what that 1nm area covers.
  6. Adrianp

    Foredeck union

    That's definitely one for the Pool Room!
  7. The NEWS tab is not where I tend to look for important navigation information. I think it just shows how useless the Biosecurity framework we have is.
  8. MPI website is remarkably quiet on this issue. Nothing on the front page and I gave up looking after I was 7 pages deep into the Biosecurity part of the website. You wouldn't think there is any issue based on their website. https://www.mpi.govt.nz/
  9. Jeez, there is always something new each year to make running this race a challenge! Last year is was Dolphins, Covid the year before..... Looks like the ban is just for fishing, diving and anchoring in these areas, so you can still sail through. If the anchoring ban spreads to Russell, we might need to organise the use of all the empty moorings in the bay. https://www.mpi.govt.nz/news/media-releases/biosecurity-rules-in-place-to-stop-northland-spread-of-invasive-seaweed/
  10. I'm attending as the incoming Commodore of the NZ Multihull Yacht Club.
  11. The bottom one was actually repaired by the Auto electrician in Savusavu but hasn't been tested and looks a bit rough.
  12. Is there anywhere in Auckland that might actually repair a blown diode in a Rectifier? I have two Balmar 175a Rectifiers with a single blown diode each. Before I bin them, it'd be nice to see if I can one or both repaired to have as a spare? Unfortunately they changed style of Diodes, so it's not quite as easy as pulling a good one out of one and sticking it into the other.
  13. Paul, how do you compensate for mast rotation?
  14. This was just the precursor to the main Judicial Review. This round was to try and get an Interim Relief to keep the hardstand operating till the main court case scheduled in September. The Council Biosecurity expert said there was no risk to Biosecurity by closing the Landing till the main Court case, even though her team had written a memo to the Orakei Local Board saying permanently closing the Hardstand was a Biosecurity risk. That combined with the actual court case not that far away, the judge considered there was not merit in forcing Council to keep the Hardstand open over winte
  15. Check with the Airline as they have each have different rules but generally all OK with them. Even if you had to remove the canister and throw in the bin at the airport, it wouldn't be the end of the world. Safe travels mate!
  16. What is the track size of these ones?
  17. They even published a news piece saying that: https://www.marinepests.nz/news/fanworm-retreats-following-auckland-floods
  18. The Landing already has the appropriate washdown and stormwater treatment facilities for the boat yard and this is one of the reasons people are prepare to fight for it. It has a diverter for the washdown pad that sends the wash water to sewer when the waterblaster is in use and stormwater when the pad is clean. The stormwater from the whole yard drains to a sand filter to make sure no contaminants get into the harbour. The Yard worked hard to get a "Blue Ribbon" Environmental accreditation to show how clean it was. Westhaven Marina also got the same accreditation. During the c
  19. Adrianp


    It was always the plan to swap between Christchurch and Auckland each year. Auckland Unlimited has a whole big month long sea festival based around the Sail GP.
  20. It's $80 to enter a RNZYS Wednesday night race if your not a RNZYS member and want to enter on the day. Nah, I'll just go for a nice afternoon sail thanks!
  21. Adrianp


    I built my system using Winston Cells and the REC BMS that talks to the Victron Cerbo GX, MMPT and Inverter. It's been in the boat 2.5 years now, done the usual Xmas cruises, a 6 month trip to the islands and the we often run a dehumidifier off the inverter while sitting on the mooring so the batteries haven't had an easy run. They have just dropped from 99% State of Health to 98%, so it seams they have a long life ahead of them! Doing the design and install myself has been the scariest boat project I've ever done as there is so much info to wade through and so many ways to do the
  22. The last few years there has been a Facebook group started each season titled something like "Opua to Fiji 2022" or similar. Hopefully something similar starts this year as it was very useful as most boats joined it.
  23. Dean Kennedy is a very good surveyor - http://www.marinesurveynewzealand.com/about-us.html
  24. Thats bloody cleaver and I'm going to steal that idea!
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