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Show us your boat sailing

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Were you away this season Southernman , I  did see a similar looking boat but can't remember where , maybe Tonga.  I thought the paint treatment looked great.


 edit:   Just a thought , did we chat here a few times  years ago?  Did you do a delivery around 2011 or 12, stuck on a boat in minerva with a skipper who wouldn't move?

Yeah we were away this season, I just solo sailed it back to NZ, currently in Opua. We did Tonga and Fiji this year. Probably not me in 2011/12 was sailing in the US then I think

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July running down Tasman sea from NC to Picton. Tri-sail and working jib doing 8 knots. Not bad for our old tub. Interesting to see how few of us have pics of our own boats sailing. I would love some good photos but too tight to pay someone


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 I would love some good photos but too tight to pay someone

You all right, hard to get boat around you when it is really spectacular. I wish someone see us around Godley head on 30th December. 

I usually taking pictures of yachts passing by , I have a small collection already, we should start a new topic "Who's boat on the picture"


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There's always 1 ars*#ole isn't there booboo! We're putting up photos of Waiheke, Rangitoto, maybe Barrier if we're being really adventurous, and you slap up a photo spread like that!

I hope you drop your bar b mate in 3000mtrs of water & have to cook for 6 weeks without one.


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