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SSANZ Triple 2021

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Yeah we do the Pic division with the Stewart’s and Beale’s and 1020s pretty competitive division with the various designs all having their niche, for sure the family caravan loves it fresh on the nose and a bit of chop

you will love sailing your Dreamtime without all the cruising gear on board

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If you enter then think your in the wrong division, you can just let us know before entries close and we will change you to a better fit.

So enter early and it helps others see like boats to race against 

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On 30/05/2021 at 7:46 PM, B00B00 said:

A race is about picking your way through a series of challenges. The more challenges there are the more chances there are to gain. The boat that plays it the best wins.   Personally I much prefer a race that offers the maximum challenges possible.  


That's really nicely put.

Bring it on.

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On 10/06/2021 at 6:46 AM, Shimmer said:

Hey Jon I am waiting on my renewed PHRF to arrive can I enter the race before I get it?

Don't have an answer for your question, but I just renewed my phrf and it was way faster than the ynz website said it might take... only took a day or two. 

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On 27/05/2021 at 8:06 PM, B00B00 said:

Fleet management is quite a skill. 

A quote from the great oracle of shorthanded sailing 

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In case you can't be on the water in reality, Sailonline is again offering all three SSANZ Triple Series races on its virtual #navsim platform.




While much of the world continues to be preoccupied with getting to grips with managing the ravages of the continuing global #COVID19 pandemic, New Zealand has proved itself an exemplar of how to deal with a life-threatening virus in a responsible and competent fashion. Sailing is as normal as it could possibly be so, setting envy aside, let’s delight in being back to race around North Island’s Hauraki Gulf in this year’s SSANZ Lewmar Triple Series – the biggest two-handed sailing series in New Zealand.

Sailonline has been racing as the virtual partner of the Short-handed Sailing Association of New Zealand (SSANZ) since 2011, so returning to Auckland really does make it seem like a home-from-home. This will be the 10th year in a row that Sailonline will be racing its Young 88s with the intention of besting the times of the racing members of the Young 88 Owners Association who have been our real-world rivals since 2014!

The three races of the series will be raced on Sailonline on the following dates which take account of the time difference between New Zealand and UTC:


Race 1 Lewmar 60 Baltic -- 9 July
Race 2 Lewmar 100 Baltic -- 6 August
Race 3 Lewmar 50 Baltic -- 3 September


Sailonline’s first race will open for registration and pre-race practice on 5 July.



 Sailonline remains free to play and we look forward to seeing some NZL flags bringing excellent competition to this 2021 SSANZ series!


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148 entries so far

We are looking at splitting the Baltic 4 division into two as it’s becoming so popular, (probably on length as it’s a general handicap division)

Plus if we don’t get a few more entries for PIC Cruising the entrants will be merged into another division of their choice 

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We had a great race. Nailed a good start going with masthead genny when others held back, seeing that the wind would shift aft well aft before motuhie. Ended up in just behind Rogue 2 and a couple of cruising division big boats. Held our spot across to navy buoy then a smoking reach across to the noisies under masthead then 3/4 kite to take the lead of the whole fleet which we held until almost home bay motutapu. 

then a ten mile beat to windward in a wind against tide chop and we could do nought but watch big-boat after big-boat pass us. 

we finished 1st in line in our division and in amongst the Elliott 1050's and their like. Interestingly all the front running boats got hammered on racetrack by the smaller boats that came in behind. I'm not sure why that was. Maybe a push from the tide or better lay through. We took a big hit going across to brown island thinking a sou'wester change would come but it swung west. 

photo of where we were still leading the fleet

Congratulations Booboo and Damon for taking overall line win.

see yas in 4 weeks







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