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The Cup is gone

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Elly who told you it was returning to Auckland ? Losing it here would be much better for NZ than losing overseas, or winning it overseas. Once again if the AB's played all their games in the UK -how much backing would they have after 10 years? (Just to be clear I have sat up through many Sunday nights watching all Formula 1 live -but very few do.)

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The AC is evolving as always, its a professional sport now for better or for worse but personally it was great to see the recent defence  unfold before my eyes while sitting on the clifftop at Howick beach  and sipping a beer It still seems surreal.

I'm of two minds about holding the next defence offshore but Dalton is smart and if they play this right I think we could see

1. More boats.

2. A greater global profile for ETNZ, who they are and what they represent, particularly as it applies to home grown technology.

3. Positive spin offs for local business, think Southern Spars etc.

4. A better chance for ETNZ to successfully defend, ($)

5. ETNZ in a more sustainable and enduring financial situation, akin to  F1 team.

6. A stunning spectacle on the global stage, fantastic viewing !

7. Fleet lead up events in different locations, including hopefully Auckland.

Perhaps it is time for the cup to flee its messy past and mature as a global event.



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Team New Zealand says the rich-lister proposing an America’s Cup defence in New Zealand, with private backing, has declined to meet the cup defender.

“Mr Dunphy has been talking to numerous people but curiously not with us despite repeated offers to meet and with the urging of our partners the yacht squadron to do so,” said team chief executive Grant Dalton, in statement.



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Actually I dont think so, the Squadron are approaching a new low reading out press releases pre prepared by Mr Dalton.  If as they maintain they are still open to holding the Cup here- ETNZ would not have offered the club a sweetener legacy payment as part of selling it offshore-and would not worry about upsetting the challenger of record. In fact the relationship with the challenger of record warrants very close scrutiny.

Whilst I was not a particular fan of his -ask yourself would Peter Blake have sold it offshore?

Also there was a very sudden resignation by one or two Kiwi board members before all this offshore was announced.

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Paul Lewis: Team NZ preparing for legal challenge over offshore America's Cup defence

Sources close to Emirates Team New Zealand say the team is preparing for a legal challenge to its proposed offshore defence of the America's Cup – and that efforts being made by a Kiwi rich-lister to raise money to hold it in Auckland are a thinly-veiled takeover attempt.

Dunphy and several backers – some of whom are reputed to be well-known New Zealanders – have been talking to the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, the holders of the Cup, pointedly bypassing Team NZ.
Now, yachting and legal sources are awash with talk of an impending legal challenge to the offshore defence, possibly in the form of an interim injunction ahead of the committed venue announcement on September 17.



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