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This Weekend's Achievements


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Some idiot project manager told our client in Perth that I'm working on Western Australia time. Friday night decided had better get away from the phone, and given the impending delivery trip, maybe eyeball the mooring. So rowed gently up a glassy inlet to find mooring in use, this time by an absolutely delightful couple enroute home to Tassie from the US.


Yesterday, managed to flip the Laser while trying to launch out of a way too shallow mangrove obstructed cove... wet arse and no fish.

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Went out I14 sailing, capsized then spent 20minutes on our side.. Then went out in the 3.7 and successfully broke the boat.. again :thumbdown: some wood in the transom under the rudder plate finally shat itself, and the ply and framing under the Mainsheet cleat also decided that it was a good idea to have a rant and crap out...


Now time to grind out the Bu#@erd wood and replace with carbon in the high strength areas.


plan for the week:


Monday: Yachting nz have a go day.

Tuesday: Exams :thumbdown:

Wednesday: Study/grinding :thumbdown:

Thursday Carboning, Learn to sail at manly.

Friday, fit the boat out again.

Saturday : Learn to sail

Sunday: go sailing!

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Well wadaya know, an 8.4 love fest!


Well I cleaned the Ants bum. Been 3 years on a tin of Sea Horse I bought online for $75. It's tired now but Im happy with how well it's lasted.


Even more happy that I can even use these useless arms at long last. Payin for it today though...

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Not really this weekend.. More like last few weeks and today.. haha!


Well today's achievements were finally being able to get the 3.7 back in the garage for some much needed fixing... The transom under bottom rudder gudgeon had given up and also under the mainsheet base..


Heres some photos after the work.. It was pretty straight forward just laying up some carbon etc.. Not going to bother painting them yet as I get abit picky with the finish.. Thats for next winter...598550_2521102964390_74145503_n.jpg



And the other little project that has been going on in the crazy little garage is the old mans Zephyr. We brought it looking like this...



Then after alot of work on the hull it looks like this.. Before shot...



The the finished product after around a months of hard sanding/painting/sanding/varnishing/sanding etc.... Looks pretty good for a 50something year old boat!





Thats all from me for now.. lets see what the weekend brings...


Study break really is great for fixing boats!





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:thumbup: Nice one


+1. That looks beautiful!

Old skool woodies are just gorgeous.


Cheers guys.. Built by Des himself! she really is old school! I think it will be hard for myself to ever go back to a plastic fantastic...

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Nice one Howdie


We're just back from a mid week weekend, yesterday was wet and yuck, motored to Russell and had a big dinner and an early night, this morning sailed around the inner part of the Bay playing with the gear then short tacked up to the mooring in Opua, Love that rig, really easy to handle.

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this week iv successfully started a new rudder for the 3.7. a exact copy of the old one, just much stiffer and much lighter and will have slightly more board in the water.




the old and the new. at the moment is around 700g lighter then the old one. not bad for my first rudder!


rudder 1.jpg


It still needs alot of fairing to be done, but im happy with how its coming along.


Then tonight im off to teach a certain famous sailors kids how to sail at manly! :thumbup:


Then tomorrow off to russell to bring Bump N Grind back home! should be a good weekend :)

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Jolly boats are great!


I added more cruising rubbish to poor Wild Thing over the weekend. Fold out carbon cruising tables, Anchor bowsprit, sink plumbing etc. Need to do some squabs now...... I guess I should do a curtain for the toilet also. It's a very 'social' installation at the moment.

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weekend achievements (and monday through to Wed morning)


Emergency boat surgery (cabin rot) and windows finally sealed on the Palace along with a few other keep-out-the-rain maintenance issues.


Work boat finish...


dry berths at last :)


I hope...

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