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  1. Prolan is definitely available at Anzor in Porowini ave, ii've seen it on the shelf.
  2. I actually did my mast while it was lying down on the hard (not attached to boat!), but I would and have sprayed the slides and lower track on the boat. The effect is magic. You can put a little tube on the spray nozzle which helps direct it but I don't think its essential.
  3. Didn't spray it on the deck, probably makes it nice and shiny, but i'll leave that up to someone else to try if you can find someone that stupid. Meanwhile it works bloody brilliant on sail slides and tracks.
  4. Silicone 808 from CRC worked for me, spray mast track and slides.
  5. BOIGuy


    Pretty sure they come from the beach
  6. Started weekend early, this mornings view looked ok
  7. BOIGuy

    Tef-gel or?

    Had very good results with Duralac, Stainless on Aluminium with Monel rivets, no sign of corrosion 15+ years. Never used tefgel but believe it suits better if you intend to remove fittings sometime. Always used to use Res-Q-Steel on nuts and bolts, amazing stuff, apparently they use Prolan these days.
  8. Found this interesting read on the subject https://www.facebook.com/followingsea.net/posts/664048880752984?__tn__=K-R There was one I thought I saved but can't find it, a step by step on when to leave and when to make your decisions on route, thought it was by Bob McDavitt, the article below is similar but not as detailed, maybe someone else knows the one I'm thinking about. https://www.noonsite.com/report/passage-planning-from-the-sw-pacific-to-nz/
  9. Too much hardener tends to stop epoxy setting, you must measure very carefully. A little bit extra just to be sure is enough to cock it up.
  10. Best city in the world to live in they say, can't have looked to hard.
  11. I agree IT but the question regarding 500 ton refereed to actions required under the collision regulations of which there are no specific ones. The article refereed to did well to point out the poorly worded responses from a number of people who are paid to do better. This stuff ends up in the courts and possibly the coroners court, following advice that is wrong would not make a good defense. Dying to defend your rights may be noble in some circumstances but in these situations its probably called something else.
  12. We caught a rather large mooring rope in the prop, halfway to Fiji, it smacked the hull pretty hard for a while.
  13. There is nothing in the Rules about 500 gross tonnes. https://www.maritimenz.govt.nz/rules/part-22/
  14. The control head deals with everything, wireless remote included. Just note these pilots do not interface with your GPS etc, they will take a specific wind sentence in nmea 0183 for steer to wind. It also takes a bit to get your head around the adjustments, but if your setup is pretty standard the latest version will work straight out of the box. PM your email address I can send you a manual.
  15. BOIGuy

    Wright 11

  16. I have just received an email from Firefly saying they wanting to expand and are looking for distributor for their Carbon Foam Batteries. Not my game but would be keen to buy one if someone was bringing them in. Maybe someone on here could look at adding them to their existing business? PM me for info if you are interested.
  17. Designed for the air to go over the top too, stick your head out your car sunroof at 30knots and you will get the idea.
  18. The Pelagic is worth looking at, I got one and am astounded at how well it controls the boat off the wind. More than happy to run spinnaker or gennaker with it under control in good breeze with waves. Lets you trim while the pilot steers. Couldn't do that safely before with the old tiller pilot. Wireless Remote Control with 2, 10, 25 and 95 degree course change, can steer to wind too but I haven't got that set up yet. Adjustable response to course, and boat yaw response plus overall gain adjustment. Not much dearer than a tiller pilot and in another league for performance. Very good email su
  19. BOIGuy

    The Boat

    So is it going to be ready for the Coastal? Should get there and back before dark.
  20. My new main came with two ring strop setup, like photo, but using dyneema to lash the rings instead of sewn strop. Easy to fit in place, no sewing and can be adjusted to get perfect length. Highly recommend.
  21. The problem is that it is now illegal to "do it yourself" and fixing up an old system suddenly activates the new rules. I went to two gas suppliers and two sellers of gas system components and equipment asking for the labels legally required on gas bottle compartments, none of them new what I was talking about. Unfortunately in realty there is no way near enough gas fitters in the country to ever keep up with making boats compliant, let alone ones that will come work on a boat. Seems that regulators aren't required to consider the practical implications of their new rules. I also r
  22. Maybe they need to ask the non boat owners how much they are willing to pay to keep my boat clean, or even better tell them how much it costs and that they will be charged for it and see how they feel then. It is very rare that costs are allocated by a government or council to those that want the change, usually the cost is on those forced to change. Its not decided yet so we need to keep submitting and informing, the points have been well made in the submissions, the summary touches on most things well but the executive summary is definitely presented with a bias. You could take the s
  23. Here's the link to the summary of submissions on regional pest management strategy for the upper North island, worth a read. When you have four options to choose from on a question and 63% choose something other than option 3 but option 3 is presented as the preferred option you know the either the writers have no idea about statistics or they were directed to present a certain bias "The preferred option was Option 3 (go even further and make rules for other pathways too; 37%)" https://www.bionet.nz/control/marine-pests/marinepests/ You will also note a very consistent signific
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