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  1. The Herald is reporting a boat in distress off Gt Barrier at 2:30am this morning. Having been woken at Matarangi by the weather around 2am I checked PredictWind & it was gusting close to 80kn at that time.
  2. https://destownson.co.nz/product/a-sailing-legacy/
  3. JK

    NZ yachts

    https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/books/non-fiction/new-zealand/listing/3284449041?bof=LTTnayU5 Classic New Zealand Yachts.
  4. Give BBYC a call. They have a self contained box with a battery powered airhorn & a timer which automatically sounds on 5/4/1/0 & then rolls in to the next start.
  5. JK

    The Cup is gone

    A sponsor providing cash to pay wages & build a boat maybe? The $99m offered by central/local government was not cash, there was a lease on a building that's won't be used for conferences these days as nobody can come in to the country, event management costs such as porta-loos/security/road closures etc so the council's constituents can enjoy the event... Unfortunately "cash in kind" does not pay the bills! Without the cash, and reportedly Emirates possibly jumping ship, ETNZ loses talent to teams that can pay the wages, leaving ETNZ with a depleted workforce cobbling a boat together
  6. presell [ pree-sel ]SHOW IPA verb (used with object), pre·sold, pre·sell·ing. to sell in advance, as before manufacture or construction:to presell a planned house.
  7. 6:30pm was mentioned as the time, as was the East Coast of Coromandel Peninsula. A straight line from the East Coast of Coromandel to Whangarei would get no closer to Waiheke than Channel Island.
  8. I'd taken the dog on Matarangi beach around the time the mayday was put out. I was surprised when I heard of the mayday as the weather was OK, Easterly 15knots maybe 20, not so much it bothered you on the beach. It was an Easterly & no way in hell it was 8m, I would have noticed when throwing a ball in the surf for the dog! Maybe 1.5m out to the Mercs. It did get up overnight though.
  9. JK

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Occurring 80nm from the finish and dropping from 17kn to 7kn he should drop from 3rd to 7th. Whilst 3rd/4th should finish within minutes of each other @ their current speeds. Close racing!!
  10. JK

    Boat Names

    There was a boat up by Bucks named Unsinkable II
  11. Although probably not too accurate to headline it "New Zealand's largest yachting competition"When it comes to female competitors, there are 11 boats entered for the RNZYS Ladies Racing, and you'd see way more than 6 female sailors at pretty much any event.
  12. Fish - it is only 1.65M draft with the keel up! https://www.yachtingworld.com/boat-test/finot-conq-fc3-53-120154
  13. JK

    marine deals

    I purchased a VHF from them which died about a month later. They had no problem supplying a replacement but could not do the same model as I think they tend to get batches of things they are selling at a discounted rate.
  14. Hi Phil, according to Racetrack higher than the SR26's or Ross 930's, around the Young 11's/Elliot 1050's.
  15. JK

    Protest question

    If there was "serious damage" then there is leeway on the time for a protest flag to be flown & the other boat being notified, otherwise the rule is the protest/hail should be at the "first reasonable opportunity" which would be the time taken to unfurl the flag on the backstay not after going down to find it! . The protest committee is there to deal with rule issues rather than assign fault for insurance claims & if they felt there was no injury or serious damage & the flag/hail were not quick enough then the protest would have to be dismissed.
  16. JK

    Optimists in Antigua

    So far off the mark! No 20knots of wind, no 1.5-2m waves, it's a Laser not an Optimist, and for the same comment to be made would indicate either a partially completed, or botched, gender reassignment procedure! But HT, I agree with DrW, if you are not prepared to post similar comments with yourself/wife/daughter in the picture it's probably best left on your hard drive for your own amusement!
  17. Think it was just lobbed out there to distract people. A 250 vehicle barge would be way bigger than existing Waiheke car ferries which only go up the river as far as just past the marina or maybe 40% of the distance. Getting something larger around the doglegs in the channel which can be challenging for a Piedy at low tide would require a serious amount of dredging, especially given much of the area above the bridges is only 2-3m depth. Then they have the small problem of getting under the old Panmure bridge which at best would impose tide state conditions with its 7.7m of clearance. Or, would
  18. I had a cheap not-pure sinewave inverter & tried charging my laptop - the switched mode power supply in the laptop charger had an issue & self destructed.
  19. JK


    Recent 420 World Champs & two NZ boys barely in their teens win the Open Champs, not the U17, by a mile - 48 points.That's the spread from 2nd-9th. http://2018worlds.420sailing.org/en/default/races/race-resultsall
  20. Native, the in-port races essentially did only count for rum & would only come in to play to separate a draw in ocean leg points, which in the end only impacted 6th/7th. Also, the boat with the fastest elapsed time across all ocean legs actually won the race. There was an online interview with the TToP navigator as they made their way to the eastern side of the course, she seemed to think going down the inside/east was the only way to go & was expecting the boats more to the west to come down. Didn't look that way when DongFeng was 80nm behind with the others having 50nm to go... b
  21. I also wondered that, originally they were talking in the order of 700nm, now around 900nm.
  22. Neck & neck between DongFeng & Mapfre - around 180nm downwind leg in approaching 30kn of breeze, going to be a hard night for them all!
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