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  1. Bio is a joke,not many outboards can run on it as it clogs up parts,my 2005 v6 is designed to use it. 95 octane uses 8.5lts per 100km open rd. bio 13lts per 100km. diesil I dont think is such an issue,new trucks pump in through the exhaust system adblue(urea,pigs piss)disperses or reduces sulpher,just a mask I think.
  2. harrytom

    Cat 3

    Remember "Drum" 1985 fastnet race keel fell off.
  3. must be 1975 onwards,was it a late Sunday night?? Happen inn early 1970 Saturday night 5.00pm Ray Columbus??
  4. She was a "hottie" back in Radio with pictures.Bugger must be getting old as to who would know what radio with pictures was
  5. https://eminetra.co.nz/retired-senior-judge-warns-squadron-that-he-will-file-a-proceeding-when-the-americas-cup-goes-offshore/441552/ I believe he has already got a team of lawyers involved and lodge a case.
  6. Andrew Fagan from the Mockers?? done lots of miles her,still owns it??
  7. Think you are incorrect as all water ways are covered by MNZ.includes lakes,inland water ways. Councils can introduce their own rules but MNZ takes preference when an incident happens.
  8. DOC claims to of killed all the wallabys on Rangi,go for a walk across to boulder bay track and still wallabys about
  9. Check prop for barnacles first though. Just incase pads are right and inline.
  10. Would be nice but will job seeking soon,13 yrs and had enough of dealing with snot nose 17yr olds who are mangers with no skills Wasnt an easy decision but need to happen.
  11. So Allinghi are more than Happy to race in NZ. Daltons scenario Race in Cork,let the poms have a win and receive a bank account anonymously and retire??
  12. I check the camera at Kawa Kawa bay Bit slow to load but it works well . https://kawakawa-bay-ocean-cam.click2stream.com/
  13. Fish,you have forgotten the invasive Asian paddle crab in Ngungaru area. The pacific oyster has killed almost all our rock oysters and where did came from??Japan when the barges arrived to fit the nippon clippons on to the AK harbour bridge.
  14. I never had an issue with a normal car battery.Strapped down properly so it cant move no issue
  15. harrytom

    Old Pics

    From recollections,a story my father told me,that grandfather early 1920s spent a few days in Thames where they would the row boat around setting nets for mullet,flounder.I presume as they filled the internal they would install washboards until there was only room left in the cockpit.The idea being lots of canvas to get to AK wharves quickly to sell fish.I belive it was like 48 hr return trip.AK Thames Ak before ice was available.
  16. harrytom

    Old Pics

    number of yrs ago had a weekend away on a "s" class swiftsure,quick boat,and yes based on a mulletboat. there were several classes that all looked similar. S =16ft T maybe 14ft?? v =18ft n = 20ft L =22ft h =26ft and pretty sure the largest was I =32ft. Perhaps Harold Kidd would have the answers.
  17. What was the point of "small talk"?? it was a place semi hidden and yes there were a few personal attacks. But no different to a Friday night at the club or away cruising and having different pints of view. Human nature at least there is an alternative site for those discussions. During non racing periods/lockdown/up were those who wanted vent a point of view. Some of it was very humorous even if didnt agree to some content Crew.org now seems to very limited numbers posting.
  18. Any grids or a wharf that dries?? Trying get rudder back in if it drops hmm might be worth watching
  19. predict wind shows nothing of concern till Tuesday 14th,yep soundsrright with border freeing up on the 15th.
  20. MPI Fisheries - Northland 2l2i0ma0ahi0fd · There are currently biosecurity rules in place making it illegal to fish from three harbours on Aotea Great Barrier Island. to prevent the spread of the invasive seaweed pest Caulerpa brachypus. The requirements are set out in a Controlled Area Notice (CAN). As well as banning the take of any marine life (fish, shellfish, seaweed, crays), if you anchor in these harbours, you’ll need a permit from Bio
  21. Billionaires raced here in NZ and still sponsor so what Daltons problem??
  22. it takes bugger all growth on a prop to throw it out,engine smoking a bit can be a give away sign of growth or revs v speed. Prop speed is not a magic bullet. Looked at yrs ago and seeked advice, you still up clevdon river??now water water warming growth increasing,surprising how many revs it takes to throw stuff off prop..
  23. the joys of a dripless gland,when i changed glands,undid the nuts holding shaft,shaft slide out easily. fitted new gland and shaft was 2 mm higher than gearbox,friend wiggled shaft and went in to collar tighten down .in water and all was well.doesnt help you out I know. So when you turn the shaft you see it rise and fall?? To me that wouldnt indicate motor not aliegned but ,hoping not worn shaft tube,slightly bent shaft
  24. Boating in the reserve There is no public boat launching facility in the marine reserve. The nearest boat launching ramp is in Omaha Cove, just below the township of Leigh. Boats are permitted to navigate and anchor carefully in the reserve, but please remember that: • Dragging anchors can damage marine life. • There are a lot of swimmers, divers and snorkelers in the reserve – take care. • Fishing rods should be stowed out of sight when travelling or anchored in the marine reserve. Would want a windless day,no swell,unsure of bottom but thinking fine sand.Be more inclinded to driv
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