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  1. Well known for submerged rocks for as long as I can remember well over 30yrs never approach from the south.If wanting to day anchor always go northern side of island.Use to visit friends that looked after ymca camp site.
  2. Be interesting to know when departed or departed from. wouldnt all liveaboards. Are the marinas lock off to owners??
  3. How many NZ vessels have AIS or turn it on??
  4. Excellent book, once you get use to it.Shows every little rock etc.Then you realise the rock your loking out for is almost on the shoreline
  5. previous yacht had Cmap.Thought it great technology back in 1998 or there abouts till the first gulf war came along.Checked the Cmap thing and put us on top of motihe island.So paer and Cmap in conjunction in the end.But yes to Cmap.could zoom in/out was not as fancy as todays toys.
  6. Is it true that paper charts are to be fazed out in favour of electronic charts? Paper j do occupy a lot of room but with this world of wifi glitches and drop out zones would it still not be a requirement for paper. Had a play with nephews lorrance thing,yes gps/chart plotter etc but i just found paper so useful,to be able take position from his terminal and pencil mark chart draw course. I considered the electronic world as a AID only but ,as he sad "Your Fn old"
  7. female things and heads.Dont mix.You wont be the first or the last with that problem
  8. Very Good BP.The fork on the Starboard side,entering Whangaroa is interesting to travel up stream in a dinghy.Must do it again soon.
  9. The old boy towed a yacht back in the 70s,the owner was adamant that doing 10knts and dropping in gear would be enough jump start,no one had jumper cables, 3 bladed prop decompression lever up shaft by all accounts spinning fast enough but put in gear was like a brake coming on. total fail.So how fast would you need to go??Gave up after an hr. Owner sailed off presume find jumper cables. Thought was to take our battery over but if failed to start and flattened ours then what. Just done a quick google and reasons why it would never start. https://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f5
  10. No conversation with that minister
  11. You do know who the Minister for conservation is??? I wouldnt be holding my breath for a serious discussion.
  12. Article 13 Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state. Which would we have freedom to travel unencumbered out the the 200 mile eez So in theroy one could travel up to Raul island with no departure inspection,no cat 1 etc still in NZ waters??
  13. Yes agree. We had a pod of Orca surface about 10m away at ponui island a few yrs ago.We were drifting but gave us a fright.Next minute a couple of fizzies turn up and drive through them and split the pod. Yes could of rung the Jonah project but how do desrcibe a white fibreglass 16/18 ft.By the the time Jonah or whoever turns up too late. Maybe we need more maritime police just cruising around and then you could them in hope they are near by. How do you fix stupidity??Fire a flare at them??
  14. This is a spinnaker hoist?? fixing to mast.Hmm run rope through a pulley back to a clucth near cabin top/cockpit.Easier to release in a hurry.
  15. In the past week, on how many days have you done a total of 30 minutes or more of physical activity, which was enough to raise your breathing rate? Do you warm-up... Never Rarely Occasionally Most of the time Always Don't know/ Can't say Not applicable Prior to each training Prior to each race
  16. Prety good if you can participate in 5 club events at the same time. Pay the fee through the club which you are most active with and deduct from other clubs.It then becomes the secretary job/workload to explain why member 62 has deducted levy.
  17. Affiliation Levy Your club’s affiliation levy will be calculated by multiplying the total number of individual club members by the affiliation fee. • Individuals - $26.60 plus GST • Family memberships o Two family members - $53.20 plus GST o Three or more family members - $66.00 plus GST o Please include the information for all individuals in a family when membership information is provided to Yachting New Zealand, as per the excel template supplied via email. • Corporate members - $26.60 plus GST • Schools - $26.60 plus GST • Life members - exempt • Patrons – exempt • Volunteer exemption – up
  18. On your remittance from the club,just deduct levy and explain why.Makes no sense pay levy at 3 or 4 different clubs.
  19. Being a sealed system, heat exchanger separate to normal cooling, why would you not have fresh water in there with a rust/corrosion inhibiter? Just like car with alloy heads
  20. Most insurance policies have a anchoring claus of 24hrs with no one board
  21. Or is there more to the story, which hasn't been told???Get rid of Dalton before we met or Dunphy full of B/S
  22. Whats the gossip now??
  23. Have you tried Sandbrooks in manukau,they do windscreen replacements etc,may have a off cuts lying around? https://sandbrooks.co.nz
  24. Well the Baby Orca was prime example of inabilities https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/toa-stranded-orca-calf-buried-local-marae?fbclid=IwAR3qc3txwYMRxGhXWq8WpfT0sk2ICh3LePjHw-zYCn0UOd0FfWe4U3KmgoU
  25. Fan worm is spreading and I do not think it can be stopped.Asain paddle crabs have invaded Ngunaru,not sure what damage they do.But years ships have been coming here and discharging water ballast in the ports,then it was at sea.Now I believe they have to dump it outside 200 mile zone,but who is monitoring it??same as the pacific oysters arrived here when they did the clipons on the bridge. Its all imported foreign matter.
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