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  1. As Tamure said 5mm knap mohair rollers. I apply one coat horizontal, the other vertical, extra over leading edges. My boat is in a marina. I have been using TransOmarine 271, was happy with that and had about 500ml left at the end each time. Coverage I think is a combination of the rollers and the area to antifoul. My boat is a Mull 9.5.
  2. For my 9.5 mtr I too use hard antifoul and put it on with those tiny rollers unthinned. I get 2 full coats, 3 on leading edges and still have a little left over.
  3. My Northcote mooring was serviced 2 weeks ago. I had requested it at the beginning of June. It needed to be done by July. Auckland transport had sent me a notice late last year, a second and final notice in Feb this year. In August I received a notice of revocation of the mooring. I responded by email, received no response. The Harbourmaster now has a copy of the Mooring Inspection certificate. I use and recommend Stuart at Tidal Engineering.
  4. For the other little jobs shown you could try rust kill epoxy primer plus epoxy gloss enamel from your hardware store. They come in spray cans or for brushing.
  5. Nice! Enjoy your next lot of cruising.
  6. Sabre I think you nailed it! Some use predictwind also.
  7. That is Stunning! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Pardon my poor education but what on earth is front runner? Any relation to road runner? Ducking for cover now.
  9. Battgirl

    New Boat

    Congratulations. Enjoy
  10. Lovely photo BP. Well done
  11. Priceless BP! Well done you
  12. Congratulations to Josh Junior for being NZ's first Finn Gold Cup winner. Well done that man
  13. Yeehaa have a happy and safe passage
  14. Nice work Oracle1. I hope all your crew are enjoying the faster sailing
  15. They are great guys. For my 30ft baby I got a great deal on 20mtrs of 8mm G40 chain and a 25 pound manson supreme anchor.
  16. Chains Ropes and Anchors, North Shore
  17. For my 30ft I have about 300ml left from 4l of pettits vivid - 2 full coats plus extras on waterline, keel, rudder, edges.
  18. Thanks BP I need a good laugh today.
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