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  1. ^ Brass Monkey is Jaycar's/Road Tech Marine's own brand.
  2. The factory supplied battery with the t1000-basic is a 24v 22Ah agm battery. The built-in battery charger is a 24v 5A agm charger. Agm batteries require charging at a rate of 0.2 - 0.3C which for a 20Ah battery is 4-6 amps. Using a larger capacity battery will extend the usage time of the tug but will also increase the charging time. Two things kill or as IT puts it murder agm batteries. First is taking the battery below 50% depth of discharge which for 12v batteries is around 12.06v and 24.12v for 24v batteries. The second thing that kills agm batteries is leaving them in a Partial
  3. You weren't the noisy boat on saturday night were you? the one with the loud stereo with thumping bass. We always anchor on the eastern side of Putiki. It is a much more pleasant outlook than looking at the ferries.
  4. The presenters of the Americas Cup and medals were Peter Montgomery and Bruno Troublé. The format for the medal presentation was that the team members names were called and they filed past the stage, put their hand in a box to grab a medal and move off.
  5. TNZ crew all cross in front of the mast. The helming position and mainsail trim are in front of the grinders.
  6. No, neither Wind Surf (Club Med 1) or Club Med 2. The Club Meds were basically small multi-decked cruise ships with sails.
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    Thanks for that.
  8. My engineer uses Quicksilver HP gear oil in my Yanmar SD25. He is a certified Yanmar service agent.
  9. Unfortunately Fred Andrews passed away a few years ago and the business is now owned by someone else. When I got my Prince refurbished by Fred 10+ years ago it came back like new with new burners, polished etc. It wasn't cheap but cheaper than buying a new marine stove. Fred said at the time he was running out of parts to do refurbs.
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    Yanmar 3YM20. SD25 sail drive. Young 88.
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    Thanks for comments and recommendations. I have just ordered a Gori 15x10 two bladed floppy. Delivery in just over a week. I am a firm believer in the KISS principle. I had looked at Kiwiprops in the past and was pretty much talked out of putting one on a 20 hp Yanmar. I helped a mate once install a new Maxprop 3 bladed feathering prop. 4 hands were just about not enough and holding your mouth right while making sure the gears were set for the right pitch helped. A trained octopus would have been handy. This new prop is going to be like getting a new wife. I knew the last prop for 33
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    When did Briski stop manufacturing 2 bladed folders? Unfortunately I dropped a blade off my prop on Sunday just before the entrance to HMB marina. Luckily the breeze was such that I could sail onto my berth. I rang Briski this morning only to be told they weren't manufacturing folders anymore and to look at putting a Gori or Volvo folder on my Yanmar SD25 leg. Not sure about the last option. I am currently waiting for the price and availability/delivery times for a Gori. BOIguy, how has your Flexofold worked out. What was delivery time like from Denmark. Anyone in Crew
  13. Don't you also to know the rotation direction?
  14. Try turning the display brightness down and observe what happens. It could be the display backlight causing the heat.
  15. I drift fish on my 8Y8. Have never found the need for a drogue. I swore I would always be a bait fisho until I tried slow jigging with a slider on my bait rod. The results were so good I succumbed to buying a new rod and reel loaded with braid. The braid means you can feel every tap.
  16. Watched ETNZ capsize. Fell of foils during a gybe, nose dived then slow capsize. They were towed upright fairly quickly, dropped the main and jib and were towed home. If anyone is interested in watching tomorrow Mellon's Bay is the place to go.
  17. ETNZ beat Ineos in first matchup. American Magic won second against Ineos.
  18. Usual time 1500, usual area back paddock ( course area E ).
  19. LiquidPiston is the name of the company producing the Rotary X mini engine. http://liquidpiston.com
  20. Into the vortex Mon Sep 28 2020 Its sunrise and I am about 6 miles out from Moeraki. I am semi hove to with the tiller lashed to leeward and a scrap of genoa sheeted hard in, making about 3 knts. The reason I have slowed down is that my Grib files show a nasty little vortex developing around my position and lasting about six hours. The winds are going to be very intense and a bit contrary in the north easterly quadrant up ahead, directly where I want to go. They shouldn’t be so bad where I am so I am hobbling along waiting to see what happens. When it passes I will have a good a
  21. A new challenge Sun Sep 27 2020 The lights of Dunedin show bright off to port as we approach the Otago Peninsula. The wind has died to 15 knts which is a relief after a rather intense day. Its means we wallow along in a very ungainly fashion as I am not putting up any more sail. I am sticking with the one third genoa that has seen me through the day. I know there are squalls out there in the blackness just waiting to pounce. Its freezing. That wind is bitterly cold. I got up on the foredeck and rotated the wind deflector so I could light the diesel heater. I need to dry so
  22. Magpies and Nugget Point Sun Sep 27 2020 Sunrise saw me coming up to the South Cape of mainland New Zealand. Actually it’s not called South Cape - that’s actually on Stewart Island - but its MY South Cape and I rounded it as the South Westerly came up on me in an ominous dark line of cloud, preceded by the biggest rainbow I ever seen. I have been running before it all day now, hugging the coast so the seas don’t build too much. The wind has shifted more West now and boy, is it blowing! Dark squalls come barrelling up and blast me with 40knts. Within a mile of the shore there are
  23. Another change of plan Sat Sep 26 2020 It was a slow nights run. The wind died about two hours after passing Puysegur Point. It stayed light all night and we slowly trickled along, sails slatting on the bigger rolls. Dawn brings Centre Island two miles off the port beam and Stewart Island 10 miles to starboard. Up ahead The Bluff, the conical hill that gives Bluff its name, rises above the horizon. Astern the snow capped peaks of Fiordland recede into the distance. The weather map is indicating that a kink in the isobars will bring strong Northerly headwinds against me for
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