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  1. Ive watched it a few times as well, especially the last race with the no look gybe and deep foiling soak that followed - it was a thing of beauty. Jimmy and Larrys hearts was broken right there.
  2. For a start, you'd need the right rudder setup I'd imagine. Reversing my boat, and a lot of other keelers at anything over 2knts its a herculean job. Large rudders dont like reversing for the same reason planes dont fly backwards
  3. The Cule guys sorted me out with a non standard hatch years ago. Maybe call them or pop in rather than look at their website - they were the oracle of all things hatches when i dealt with them.
  4. I bought a sheet of 25mm insulation foam from Forman Insulation and cut it to fit the box. I put two layers in then glassed over the top and painted it with two pot. Im not sure how it compares to other cool boxes, but it seems to do a good job
  5. Ditto. I did it on my Dubois 42 with a Volvo MD3020. Easy peasy Blocks of wood and some old bits of carpet were very handy. Once we pulled it out we perched it on a marina trolley lined with carpet and dragged it to the mechanics ute - its amazing what those marina trolleys will handle
  6. There's a Point Piper in Sydney's inner harbour if there's a chance of confusion?
  7. Jeepers, that bought back fond memories - Fireball racing at the Napier Sailing Club! 11am Saturday morning race starts, 2-3 hour races with detailed and exaggerated post race debriefs over volumes of DB Export at a packed clubhouse afterwards. A bad day would be 50-60 dinghy's racing, good days would see 140+. Optis, P's, Starlings, Sunbursts, OK's, A Class, Paper tigers, Javs, Fireballs, Phase IIs, Flying fifteens, etc etc plus a couple of trailer sailor and keeler divisions. Them were the days, $3 jugs and all!
  8. What a peach. Alas, I already have to many boats that dont get used
  9. Ahh, got it thx! The boundary lines are only visible on certain base maps that I hadn't explored.
  10. A huh, I'm assuming you used the council website and put in the GPS co-ordinates for the pegs on your device? My problem is that the pegs are 100m+ apart on a hilly, bushclad site, with no line of site and i want to walk the boundary line. Its not easy and i assumed there would be an app for it, but no luck finding one yet!
  11. Good app! Is there anything similar using Council/LINZ data with property boundaries? I'd like to wander over a 2 acre, hilly bush block with my smart phone and see where the boundary lines are
  12. It could be just a rumour . . . .
  13. Point noted, however having a boat parked in a nice dry garage over the winter months would make maintenance a half enjoyable experience, and minimise it.
  14. Great feedback - thanks all. That Pogo is very nice indeed. The Salthouse is lovely, but it would need to be scaled down to make trailerable The McGregor, thanks but its a big no from me. They just dont appeal for a number of reasons I'm not adverse to modern fizzboats at all, its just that 99% of modern trailer-able fizzboats are awful looking. A classic take on the Pogo would be perfect i reckon
  15. If this is it, youre right - not bad looking at all
  16. With a young family, property projects, new business commitments and family down country, we're struggling to justify keeping our 42ft keeler. Due to time and weather constraints we've hardly used her in quite some time and I'm thinking a largish trailer-able fizz boat might be a better investment ( I hate admitting that BTW) However most of the current largish fizzboats out there are just plain fugly, with a capital F and I'd rather go boat-less than own one. There are however a few nice looking fizzies that could fit the bill. This Chris Craft being one Therefore, what fizzbo
  17. Great series of videos - thanks for sharing. Ive successfully wasted several hours watching them Definitely a masochists way of building a boat
  18. Don't you proa sailors 'shunt' therefore its a ketch half the time, schooner the other half?
  19. Is it just me or does the mast look a tad short and stumpy for a boat that size?
  20. A much cheaper option than a electric winch as well!
  21. Its a bit or a worry when you're wandering the pier with a bite sized 3 year old child! A few of us with young ones are now making sure we pick them up for the wander to/from the carpark. Shoot it i say
  22. tuffyluffy


    Seems like a reasonable number to me - I've forgotten how many I've lost overboard and they're generally free anyway so whats the issue. Its a right royal PITA when you dont have one Off the top of my head 1 for pooing in when the dunny packs up. 1 for doing laundry in 1 for rinsing dishes in 1 for losing overboard while cleaning the anchor or other stuff BTW, the Resenes paint buckets are excellent and if you keep the lids and are very multi-functional - think soaking laundry, brewing beer etc
  23. We've got a masthead for usual day-to-day stuff and a whip on the transom in case the mast comes down. Have a handheld as well.
  24. I just wish they'd hurry up and make a call on whether or not the PoA is going to stay or go, and if it goes, where to. Its a godawful eyesore and the land has huge potential to transform the Auckland waterfront. Stadium or not, that whole area could be a beautiful space for everyone to enjoy rather than a container park and used car yard.
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