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  1. Motorboat will likely be there.
  2. What an amazing race. We had an absolute blast on Motorboat.
  3. Yup it was a good ride on Motorboat II
  4. Stillwater is a great place to be Dave. We live up there next to the stillwater boat club and really enjoy it. Are you planning on getting a new mooring put in? I have a mooring but it's currently in use sorry. When you get up here flick me a message and I will come and say hi.
  5. You might need a better torsion cable. There is a huge difference between a good torsion rope/cable and a bad one.
  6. Call glen from salt services. 0225179590
  7. Motorboat II will be there but fully crewed this time. Our first go at fully crewed racing.
  8. B00B00

    American Magic

    I would say those foils are just training ones with extra weight added in the form of the bulbs to stop it from capsizing.
  9. if you watch the first minute of this video you can see the Dolphins giving the Pork Chop rudder a give rubbing. You could really feel it on the helm. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDG5ftCTiF8
  10. Wheels im not sure I get you here. Are you saying the boat actually lifts to windward and the bow is pointing lower than it actually is heading? I think it's the opposite. The bow pointing up but the boat sliping sideways to leward. Leeway. Course over ground is lower than the heading. Or is that what you are meaning? All the cats we cruised with offshore were pretty comfortable by all accounts but slow. We were rolling alot downwind (which is all we ever did..) but going generally much faster. Any boat is bloody uncomfortable going upwind!
  11. I'm sure I saw hyper listed for sale somewhere but can't seem to find it now.
  12. I might have a taker for you. Will get back to you asap. Where is the boom cover now?
  13. B00B00


    Has to be one of the most successful boats ever. Won the volvo race, Sydney Hobart, transatlantic, Caribbean 600, and now the fastnet. Thats all i can remember but there could be more.
  14. Really interesting cockpit/cabin setup. I would love to see how that cockpit area works under the cabin with sheet leads ect. I guess the idea is to reduce windage and maximise shelter. These guys are pretty sharp with concepts and love pushing boundaries. If it holds together then this boat will most likey win the vendee.
  15. Going to be a fun day I think. Looking forward to a good hoon.
  16. Same with me, always direct to the 'view new content'
  17. Yeah for sure it doesn't sound like a rigging screw and your suggestion makes more sense than the mast post. Scary stuff. That same thing happened to a local race boat a few years back. it was messy....
  18. Sounds more like a mastbase/compression post issue than an actual rigging failure? Quite common in these older production boats with deck stepped masts. Either the posts fail or the deck delaminates when the wood core rots. Usually a rigging check will probably not pick this up as its a structural boat issue and regardless rigging checks are pretty limited to spotting anything thats actually already broken. I would not go offshore on a boat with rigging older than 10 years even if it had a satisfactory rigging survey/check. On our trip from france, 5 boats we cruised with (including us
  19. Lets look at it another way. Membership at the RNZYS is not cheap but many of us pay it because that's the club we sail with. It has many benefits for us that make it worth while (reciprocal rights at many overseas clubs for example). If non members or 'guests' have many if the same benefits but without paying any membership fees then why would you bother becoming a member? How does that help the sport? It sure looks to me like there are plenty of boats heading out rum racing at the RNZYS on Friday nights....
  20. We had a great time rum racing last night on motorboat with the RNZYS. 6 kids under 10 on board who drove all race (apart from the start!). And we won rum. Fantastic night as always. Just trying to put some positive into such a negative thread....
  21. How about changing the format and combining it with the legends regatta in the mercs. A fleet from Tauranga and one from Auckland then combining together for the regatta?
  22. Here is some basic calcs for you. Luff around 3% more than pin to pin luff. Foot 1.6 × STL(end prod to mast)
  23. The Grainger 9-10m tri 'Hyper' was for sale recently. Can't seem to find it now so I guess it sold. Was a great boat and I think it was listed for 50k.
  24. Zero wind at the poor knights. We have been flopping around for a couple of hours now.
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