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YNZ Race Regulations Cat1-Cat5; Anomalies and concerns

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SSANZ Sailing Instructions always state Colregs apply between sunset and sunrise 

biggest  change is RRS allow you to push a boat up and windward boat must keep clear where as colregs are all about overtaking vessel keeps clear and passing port to port etc

over simplified but  quite different 

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My concern is that your are replacing one set or arbitrary requirements with a new set of arbitrary requirements. And these ones are likely to have a number of unintended consequences (more so than th

Just a heads up, I won't be giving any direct answers to requests for change - I'm not a subject matter expert on some of this stuff. What I'll do is take your feedback, constructive criticism, sugges

Which is why to their credit SSANZ do their inspections on the water and they are visible and extensive. I'd go as far as saying the boats in a SSANZ race comply with the appropriate rules better than

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The windward yacht gives way is part of the colregs Jon, rule 12.

Rule 12 (Sailing vessels)


(a) When two sailing vessels are approaching one another, so as to involve risk of collision, one of them shall keep out of the way of the other as follows:

(i) when each has the wind on a different side, the vessel which has the wind on the port side shall keep out of the way of the other;

(ii) when both have the wind on the same side, the vessel which is to windward shall keep out of the way of the vessel which is to leeward;

(iii) if a vessel with the wind on the port side sees a vessel to windward and cannot determine with certainty whether the other vessel has the wind on her port or starboard side, she shall keep out of the way of the other.

(b) For the purposes of this Rule the windward side shall be deemed to be the side opposite to that on which the mainsail is carried or, in the case of a square-rigged vessel, the side opposite to that on which the largest fore-and-aft sail is carried.


The overtaking vessel though is completely different in the RRS and colregs...

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10 hours ago, Jon said:

colregs are all about overtaking vessel keeps clear and passing port to port etc

Port to port doesn't apply between sailing vessels, often misunderstood, likewise turning to starboard to avoid collision.

The responses required of power driven vessels are different from that of sailing yachts, worth a read if your not to up with the rules, most of the time you are sailing it will be under the Collision Prevention Rules, quoting the RRS to your insurance company isn't going to help if you weren't racing.

There are a couple of upticks in this thread to statements that are not technically correct, good indication of lack of understanding.

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Whether racing or cruising the collision rules will always over ride YNZ or any other local rules,including local bylaws from harbour master.Just where you find the harbour master rules remains a mystery.Use to be posted at various ramps,wharfs and seem to recall them at Westhaven.

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35 minutes ago, harrytom said:

Whether racing or cruising the collision rules will always over ride YNZ

HT, your just plain wrong, read the rules. I have already given you the clause and the link. Its what makes racing under RRS legal in NZ.

IT,  I already pointed out your technical error, HT seems to have missed it.

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BOIG, OK, I could have presented that better, but the gist and the actual law is the same - the RRS do have some specific exceptions to the colregs, for example the proximity/speed rules, but there are parts they have to have, incl the Fog/restricted visibility rules, which are  required by IMO, to which NZ is a signatory.

I provided the link above to the RRS that show the restricted visibility section points directly back to the colregs.

HT, sorry as BOIG says above, your statement is not correct. Local bylaws can and do alter the colregs.

Its the skippers responsibility to know the rules..... 


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Risk of collision ynz

https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/sites/default/files/2018-10/YNZ Safety Regulations of Sailing 17-20 (Final) (small).pdf



2.2 The Maritime Transport Act 1994 states that the master of the vessel is at all times responsible for the safety of the vessel, the safety of those on board, discipline on board and for complying with all maritime rules, regulations and bylaws. 2.3 Neither the establishment of these Safety Regulations, their use by Organising Authorities, nor the inspection of a yacht under these Regulations in any way limits or reduces the complete and unlimited responsibility of the skipper.


I take it from YNZ that in a situation where collision is enimate(port/starbord/luffing etc)if the give way vessels then the obligation is on the vessel who has rights to give way to avoid a collision then take action by form of protest.


I still claim a non racing vessel meets a racing vessel collision reg apply.


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That is absolutely true HT. The RRS is only for vessels racing. But for them, it gives some alterations to colregs... So the RRS DO override/alter the colregs in specific circumstances.

If you are racing, RRS apply to your vessel relating to others involved in the race,  colregs for every other vessel.

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All boats must slow down to 5 knots if they want to come within 50m of another vessel.

RRS are what allows racing yachts to exceed 5 knots within 50m. In this case RRS overrides colregs.

Harrytoms last post is quoting from the YNZ Safety rules.  These have no bearing on right of way.


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