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Tornado ripped through downtown Auckland last night including Westhaven....how's your boat?

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All the more reason to allow liveaboards

If there was a forecast of well over 100 knots for Monday night I certainly missed it.


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 We went through what we think was a microburst years ago. Went through it on purpose not knowing what it was. When we hit it, wished I didn't and will never do that again. Laid us flat, all 22 tonne of us and ripped the sheet car out of the track and was whipping around hitting the windscreen and I was amased it didn't smash. thick as toughend glass. but still, it was scary force wacking it. A heap of damage and a very big fright.
It wasn't till talking to a sailing mate who was also a commercial Pilot and he explained what it was too me. Pilots are terrified of the things because they can't see it and it can drop them like a stone for hundreds of feet or more.
I only saw the effect on the water itself, otherwise invisible. It was the strange pattern on the water that lured me in. No warning of strong wind or anything, bar the water leaping into the air in a perfect circle ruffly a hundred metres in diameter. Dead calm outside and inside that circle. Apparently the water was being pulled back up in the air with the air current deflecting back up. He said easily over 100Mph winds which would deflect straight back up again. He said that was very rare and I likely will never see one again in my life time.
I could easily imagine the thing getting under the Tramp and turning the Cat on it's back. 

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Is hard to imagine the force required to upend that Schionning - it is a big boat.   I heard that one of the superboats was just about laid on its ear ....   

    Freakish forces involved .



Not his early designs. The wilderness series. The bridge decks had the same attributes as a aircraft wing. Some lift on there mooring's between 40 to 50 kts. There is plenty of articles re catamaran design by prominent designers re this feature. Shuttlesworth to name one.

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