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Covid 19 and liveaboards

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I've had contact with the water police. Issues at barrier include raft ups and parties,  as well as expecting the local store to be available for them. It's not, and has much more limited provisions a

police state, seriously its jobs for the boys..... if youve been on a boat a week or more you have more risk from landlubbers. Love it how all these little hitlers have suddenly appeared in the new sm

There are at least 6 posters in this thread that come across VERY much like they will not be happy until those who displease them are made to sew yellow stars on their wet jacket. It is very sad

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1 hour ago, wheels said:

I just came back form an emergency electrical job where I had to test the batteries of a guys home Solar system. Yes we maintained our separation requirements and I washed my hands afterwards.
I could not believe the number of Businesses flouting the law and the number of Campervans on the road. I am exactly 10Kms from Blenheim and I passed a total of four Campervans on the way in and two on the way home. I passed a Vegetable market open with many shoppers around bins of produce.

The Gvt is now considering that this 4 week lockdown may have to extend to at least 6 weeks. I actually think they had that in mind from the get go anyway and just want to ease us all itnot the idea slowly. At the same time, they are considering letting more businesses open as "essential". Kind of defeats the situation in my view.

So you guys out on your Boats, perhaps you might want to consider rationing as you might end up having to be out there much longer then you all thought you would have to be.

Wheels - I believe there are 10,000 overseas tourists stranded here not able to get home - obviously some in campervans and from what I am hearing they are being turned away from all the usual places they would go so I imagine some of those are just looking for an option of somewhere to stay .  It would be a horrible situation to be in and I personally believe that not all the campervans on the road are trying to violate the lock down but just desperate !   

ps. I am not a campervan owner ..lol

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Re the Campervans, they are not allowed to Travel. They are supposed to be in a Campground or a designated area where they are allowed to be. We are now several days into this lockdown and they should all be somewhere by now. They were supposed to be in those lockdown areas by the time Lockdown took effect. But they are not allowed to leave that area once there. Campgrounds have been allowed to take them in and then the gates were supposed to be locked. So in theory a Campervan traveling today would have no actual place to go. I don't think they are allowing Freedom camping either.
The reason why Alcohol is allowed to be sold by the Licensing trusts, is because they do not want people to travel outside of their area to buy alcohol. Thus that same reason of stopping travel applies to Campervans etc. They don't want them traveling around. Even getting a Rental Car is restricted to needs of essential business only.

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On 29/03/2020 at 4:34 PM, Island Time said:

They normally have 14 flights a week for supplies.  Now they have two. They are not provisioned for anyone but locals...

And, some accounts have boaties reception ashore has been less than welcoming.  Others say it's all good, so I'm not sure.

Personally I'd not rely on anything from ashore.

You have a bread maker on board IT?

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3 hours ago, ex TL systems said:

When we lived aboard in Australia we caught rain water. Never ran out or had to get water from shore. Around:200 litre storage and a lot simpler than a water maker. 

Looking at Metvuw , you might be in luck by Good Friday

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