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Round New Zealand updates


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Has there been any reports on what is happening to Jon on Danaide? I note he turned around an hour or so ago, and was doing 0.5kt, and now his heading looks homeward bound at 4.1kt.


Two of the other boats also slowed right down around 4am our time - but are underway again now (Vingilot and Coppelia), although Coppelia looks like it is heading for Cook Strait and is only doing 2.4kt.


Have they suffered damage? The winds out there have been around 30-35kt.




Looks like he going in the right direction again, backing up to clear some weed meybe? :wink:

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SSANZ probably doesn't have much more information to post given the location of the boats and the conditions, I doubt there will be any cell range and even making the scheds in those conditions aint easy and general chit chat at sched time isn't encouraged.

It's the old 'no news is good news' scenario and tracker is brilliant!!

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I second that Marsh - the tracker is brilliant!


Yes it looks like Panther and Coppelia might be in trouble, both limping along at 2-2.5 kts.

Danaide is back on course, but turned and headed NNW at 0.5kt for about 1.5hrs this morning.


I guess we will know when we know. But I want to know now! :silent:


Forecast looks like the wind will hold at least another 24 hrs. Not the most comfortable sailing, but not exactly unexpected in RNz.

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The models still aren't converging. I've seen one that shows the centre of the low going north of Cape Rienga, in which case they will be good. It looks like they should all be able to get a few hundred miles Sth or SSE on the board between now and tomorrow night, as the breeze fills in through tonight. I'm thinking everyone will get south of trouble before this low, but it is looking like there is a possibility that the tail enders may hit the next one off fiordland early next week, a far scarier proposition (It's a long way back to Nelson). Hopefully everyone will be tucked up in half moon bay ahead of it. Right now I'm glad to be watching from the comfort of home though.


I reckon Pelagian will be back in the hunt this time tomorrow as the fleet gets headed off the Rhum line.


I guess I can retract most of that... Looks like everyone had their hands full last night.

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