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  1. I ran out of Pinot, called in a favour & got a little drop off at Kennedy Park, apologies, didn't mean to wake anyone, 😔
  2. Nice, thanks Strath. You watching Richard Edlin?
  3. Its' some sort of synthetic cabin liner, think it's made for marine use, furry soft stuff which starts off great but doesn't age that well. Like a lot of us I guess? Goes a bit mangy after time,
  4. And yes, stainless chain please! Look forward to catching up,
  5. Yeah was thinking of a vinyl sort of thing maybe, a bit thicker or on a thin backing maybe to help cover the lack of fairing? Still waiting for a clever boat interior finisher to pop up & solve me dilemma for me!
  6. Those 5kg glue's won't be horrible for me VB, might be a bit crappy for you though! OK so that's one option, replace. Anyone else? Come on, only 7 weeks 6 days to think it thru!
  7. So we've got front runner in two cabins, which I've grown to hate, who's got any goods ideas on a replacement? It's not faired that well under the frontrunner, but I guess we could revisit that. Or ? Thanks, and remember, we're nearly there now, only 7 weeks 6 days to go!
  8. Bad Kitty


    I suspect for $39 they will be eye watering crap.
  9. Talk to Adtec, Adhesive Technologies in Henderson, awesome guys & super knowledgeable about what to use. Composite tanks are great, but plastic may be cheaper/easier. Space may work better if you make them yourself though?
  10. General Marine Services in Westhaven.
  11. That's part of the decision making process when you buy a lifejacket! Probably worth another thread.
  12. Another vote for B & G here,
  13. Love bite? Like a friendly tickle from a 44 magnum, haha!
  14. Bad Kitty

    apache cat

    Kotuku yes, Rehab no. Cation & Kotuku are quite similar I think, but Cation is owned by a sailor very involved in skiff sailing, and I think has a very disciplined approach to weight, which I imagine will pay off as they get the boat worked up. Roger Hill's current work in both sail & power cats is cutting edge, some beautiful examples of NZ boat building there.
  15. Bad Kitty

    apache cat

    Was always a beautiful boat, and now it's even better.
  16. Marine salvage laws have never said that if you put a line on something on a beach it's yours. But I guess if you want to pay to salvage a useless steel sculpture from an Auckland beach you could give it a go!
  17. Bad Kitty

    Luna Rossa

    Awww crap, Clissold will be beside himself with excitement. Another summer of drunken ramblings from the soapbox about all that unnecessary weight all us Neanderthals are carting around.
  18. I'm not sure it's the catastrophe some are thinking? It's a few ferry movements, from what are pretty good operators. Is it really that big a deal to wait a few minutes now & again for a ferry to berth? Flame away!
  19. Yep that's what we've got. I'm just struggling with the idea of dealing with cock-ups with using the same track as the main, getting the main right down & then going in over the top etc. etc.
  20. And the picture yourself in x conditions? 50 knots, 6 metre seas? trying to get the trysail in the track over the main? Not sure that's entirley practical, but I guess it depends a lot on what you conditions you think you may be sailing in? Although that's not always the same thing as the conditions you end up sailing in.
  21. Bad Kitty

    Wind Data

    Predict Wind is an awesome service, very accurate, and Jon Bilger is a great guy. Not sure on all that history but I can't reccomend PW highly enough. But hey, if you wanna hang a weather stone off the boom & use that for weather, go for it. Veladare, not you though, you should move on & join up!
  22. Sail, enjoy, ignore sexist bullshit? Treat it as the dumb arse bullshit that it is.
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