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  1. Should be all good . We aren’t actually sports boats ...no traps or racks and we have staunchions and lifelines . You beat us comprehensively in the island racing B last year so probably will again if it’s chop with light wind like last time .
  2. Good point . If the rich and famous are allowed to get their boats serviced and make their movies here , why not cruisers not cruisers arriving from Covid free islands ? . I think the spending is spread far wider with cruisers than with superyachts . The big boat refit industry is restricted to a few major players who outsource to a select few specialists . It will be interesting to see where the new refit hub/hubs evolve with the squeeze going on at orams to move the refit work out of there .
  3. 9k levy for our club ...we have 3 boats in the PHRF system which is paid for by boat owners separately anyway . Think the regional development person has popped by once in last couple of years to check out the dinghy action .
  4. 44forty

    Boat Dilemma

    Yeah pics ! Last ones you posted were of some dubious looking rudders about 3 years ago
  5. This thing was creating a shed load of light pollution anchored on our remote bit of coast last night . looking at its track its most likely been targeting Tarakihi . That area is the local” go to “ Tarakihi spot in winter
  6. I also emailed them yesterday regarding bringing back div C and know of another 3 boats as well as deep purples 3 that would fit in Div C
  7. That blasted thing came way to close to us at hole in the wall on second morning of Akarana 300 coupla years ago . about 5 in the morning too , friggin smoking south all deck working lights blazing and we were going north . Bloody thing !
  8. 44forty

    Yammy 15

    I had a yammy 4T 15hp and it was awesome . Very easy to start , very easy to service yourself , very good customer service at the dealers . mine came from Canada on a cruising boat RIB then spent several years on a commercial flounder netting boat until the float broke . Flounder dude had nets out and a bung engine so he bought a new to get his nets in and I got a bargain ....put a new float in and it ran like a clock . Only did 17knots on the back of a 20 foot crabbing skiff but would still do 14knots with 6 adults on board so a fair bit more low range torque than a 2T when loaded up . did a couple of trips with it out to the poor knights and trolled south to the chicks iand did about 50 miles on 25 litres of fuel a each time . Loved that motor but had to sell it to get Cat3 gear for the leaner
  9. Great result for a wee boat !
  10. Deep purple is off to a scorching start
  11. This sort of thing is happening in Oz with the flying Ant and is very successful by the sounds of it https://www.flyingants.org.au/
  12. Gday knot me ! yep plenty of sprit boats have pulpit navs that are obscured by the gennaker/code 0 when it’s up and have passed their Cats
  13. The yellow tri is rooted , the guy on board got a broken nose
  14. My great Aunt lives on Mangere mountain and saw a ketch matching the description the police put out . it anchored in the manukau near the yacht club about a week after New Year’s Eve . She took a lot of interest in the boat because it’s very rare to see an out of town keeler of all things up there . She called it into the police more than once and they didn’t follow her up . i was surprised to read somewhere a few years ago that a ketch matching the description was spotted heading north off the Taranaki coast , just a few days after New Year’s Eve . Again no follow up and pretty high chance it was the same boat my aunt saw at Mangere . who knows what the hell happened but the police missed a glaring oppurtunity with flashing bloody lights on top not following up on those two sightings of a boat matching the description taking an unusual route north .
  15. 44forty

    Jim Young

    Thanks for clarifying that ! I worked for Roy snr and jnr as a factory rat but they didn’t build any beasts while I was there . the molds were there though and bloody big too and think they were the biggest production launch molds at the time ? Pre-dating the salthouse sovereigns by quite a few years . Such a legend to design good looking , ground breaking launches AND yachts that planed before it was the done thing
  16. 44forty

    Jim Young

    And the formula/vindex 50 , 45 , 40 and 33
  17. A bit out of date but gives you an idea of what’s unfolding https://www.noonsite.com/news/french-polynesia-significant-changes-to-anchoring-restrictions-for-cruising-yachts/
  18. 44forty

    Jim Young

    Jimmy the rocket...legend
  19. I have heard a 3rd hand rumour that up to 300 boats are wanting to come to NZ from FP because of the above
  20. Yeah you can get concurrent 24 hour passes . Pretty sociable place to setup too , plenty of chatty euros in campervans with an eye for speedy looking trailer yachts
  21. Move out of Auckland man ! Problems solved
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