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  1. Reminds me of a mate who’s grandad was a Devonport local and sailed up to the kermadecs solo in a mullet boat when he was 18 for a “ look around “ in the summer holidays . He made it there and back scotfree by the sounds of it .
  2. Is that the new sail? yeah new main it’s seems pretty good . didn’t really Focus that much on it we were really happy just to be out there . It is way nicer to trim we just need to find where the gears are and play around with the twist etc . good to see your boat in the water ! Rig is quite different to ours , shorter but much bigger headsail
  3. They look just as good on the road as they do on the water
  4. Q + A will be interesting to follow on this one
  5. Ah crap now I kind of see what the issue was all those years ago . Might be cheaper and a lot less hassle just to go with a YNZ registration instead
  6. Does your boat not have a v berth ? I’m ruddy confused . my boat has been approved and it’s not entirely built to the design . it has a T number and an NZTYA handicap but no SRI.
  7. Why do they need to approve the design when they’ve already approved it ?
  8. 44forty

    She's Back...

    Small boat fishing drogue will slow the tow !
  9. 44forty

    She's Back...

    Cunning work around of the no boating rules going on with that paddleboarder . Is that a seat as well as a gear holder ?
  10. Thanks for the info I was thinking of a single sheet but not continuous . Hole in the centre and soft shackle/luggage tag for quick change from gennaker to code zero etc
  11. Way lighter than us then ! I should weigh ours but apparently it was 750kg empty with rig when built
  12. I read an interesting thread in the archives on here a year or two ago on deep purple from way back when it was being built . Seems like it really put some noses out of joint down south
  13. Are there any vids on YouTube on creating an eye in the middle of a sheet ? Would love a single gennaker sheet like the 18s use
  14. Sorry didn’t mean your halyard was light but your overall boat/crew weight
  15. Looks like one of the guys from wham in acid washed jeans having a snog with phizzle
  16. Bugger it that’s light ! Our crew weight is 320kg ish so takes us a wee bit over a ton
  17. Who are the guys having a pash up forward ?
  18. Ah nice ! I had one until recently ....sold it to buy my new boat and In keeping with this thread I bought the patrol off the guy who now owns phad
  19. That’s hard case and a cool pic . I would’ve been across the other side at puriri bay but in a micron . sh*t whangaruru was a cool place in the 70s and 80s especially when Seabee air dropped bread and milk at bland bay
  20. I’m dying to know what your tow vehicle was for that beast !
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