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That's it, we are out of here.

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Shits getting pretty real now, what started as a dream a few months ago has all happened seemingly very quickly now!

House sold in 4 days, got a pre auction offer we couldn’t refuse then the auction got brought forward and went up a fair bit from there. This allowed us to start the boat buying process, I had a few lined up and wanted to start with some that were slightly out of the budget first to see what we could actually get.

We had a good friend (marine engineer, superyacht skipper and surveyor) check out a Beneteau Oceanis 50 in the south of France and subsequently made an offer which was accepted subject to the survey which has been completed with no problems. The boat has 450watt of solar power on a stainless davit arch, 300w ‘watt and sea’ hydro generator, 60lph watermaker, inner jib and everything else we need for the trip. Its bigger than we planned but the extra room should make life easier.

Tickets booked for the 3rd of August for the 5 of us (me, wife and 3 boys 4, 7 and 8 years old), last day of work next Friday after 17 years with North Sails NZ (beers on me).

Final move this weekend of the last of the stuff to the inlaws house at Stillwater and will stay with them until we fly out. Currently packing the box to be sent up with a few kids toys, wet weather gear and boat stuff, its a fine line on what to take and what to leave. I have a life time worth of boat bits, tools, ropes, blocks ect that I really want to have on board but there has to be a limit on what we send up so I have a pile now which will no doubt need to be thinned out slightly.

Its all pretty exciting but scary at the same time. I’m generally happy to chuck myself into pretty much anything, anytime and can handle it when the plans don’t work out quite right, but its quite different when you have 3 young kids who are totally reliant on us making the right decisions and don’t deal with problems quite as well.

Anyway its all go now.


If anyone has any good name ideas then post them here, we are stuck for ideas....


cockpit (1).jpg


living room(saloon).jpg

Our cabin in the front.jpg


kitchen (galley).jpg


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Ok I'll go first

Needs to be a nz name


"Kotuku". Maori word for White Heron


The kids will grow so much from the experience, it's just like a dream, some bits will be nightmares but mostly unbelievable great

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