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Show us your boat sailing

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Its not often you get a pic of your own boat sailing. Us over xmas coming around Cape Bret after a long wet beat from Whangaruru. Thanks TC for the pic.

attachicon.gif IMG_5996.jpg

I saw you coming in to Motuihie on the weekend, looked good, nice sails. I'll take a snap for you if I see you sailing again.

 What a bunfight that place was , we only went there for the club picnic , haven't anchored with that many boats for a long time.

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ha ha - we stayed the night before along with about 20 others and then sat on the beach watching the carnage unfold.  The night before was most pleasant!


How 'bout that fizz nastie playing ping pong through the classics!

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Oh yes! That was funny/ weird. Why didn't they just fire up and re anchor .

After  the great barrier storm  dragging boats debacle/saga in january, I just about needed counselling for the flashbacks.

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In Karori Rip heading home to Wellington.


hey Geoff


I have a few more photos of you from the 24 hour race if you want them.


PM me an email and I can send them through


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Not very sailing ( but there are sails up) I hope photobucket cooperates




  A favourite of mine  of us coming out of the pass at Fulaga in the Lau last year.

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