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Boat show aftermath

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Dont be harsh guys, if your stomach fell against the controls it could happen to you too... then your medallion gets caught as you try to move away.

Actually the controls appeared to be working fine as they rushed out of the viaduct before more pics were taken.

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Harsh, bad luck can strike anyone..

I was always taught that you make your own luck when yacht racing.

I'm sure that applies to other on water activities.


Which brand of stink pot has the 'auto-dock' feature? Isn't Volvo putting one out as part of the IPS drive system? Rivereia's run IPS dont they?

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Think we have all had moments we'd rather forget, just not quite that bad.


Agreed. I can think of a few. Fortunately for me mostly in the dark with no witnesses rather than in front of 100s of spectators with smartphones!


Obviously there's an investigation underway so no point speculating on the cause but I can tell you the guys involved (on the Riv) were very shaken up / gutted / shocked by what happened.

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