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2nd hand yacht prices = ridiculous


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I did do a day sail  up to Long beach once to give the hulls a scrub and the distance from Panmure to Motuihe is about the same as from Westhaven, I just find getting on and off the pile mooring takes a little bit more time as  sometimes I need to wait for the tide to change. It is very secure and sheltered though and I  prefer to go out for a few nights as a minimum anyway so  I don,t need  to rush. A swing mooring would make it a lot easier getting on and off with just one line to pick up. 

We use a "high line" to pick up the mooring lines on our poles. This makes it a breeze to pick up either end to suit wind or tide. I can do it solo on and off no problem. When all is secure I just unsnap it in middle and stow the ends so no chafe against the rigging or on the dodger.

Have also left the dinghy on it a couple of times as well..

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