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  1. I've crewed on Grand prix New Cal to Brisbane, sailed on Riada II to the islands twice and done 10s of thousands of miles in Riada locally and to and from the Pacific. I think L D was one of our greatest designers, a sad day indeed.
  2. Two mates moved out of Davidson 28s and built Brass Tacks and Navaho, Strong Akarana members, coruba cruising series etc. . I think Bill Clark build BT.
  3. John B

    Boat rage

    How many times have you seen powerboats doing 10 to 20 knots into ramps or channels, 50 times this year alone so far? I have. The guy in the dinghy lost his rag over fizz boat wankers who just haven't happened to have killed anyone yet ,so they think they're sweet.
  4. I really feel for you Jeff, I hope it all works out. I will make one comment though and that is that the stop at minerva reef zeros your time at sea to whatever time that it takes to get to NZ. Thats because of the possibility of cross boat contact at an anchorage , whether it happened or not. Usually we take 5 days and you'll probably be quicker. So they will be counting that for sure and from what I hear you need 11 days at sea to be able to quarantine on board. I suspect that is what has happened.
  5. John B

    Good idea?

    Great info thanks.TNT is in Kerikeri now since late 18, I was on board having a look a couple of weeks ago and we were at the owners house on Sunday. He has the drawings and she's listed as #92. We were discussing the other one, I saw her in that shed more Henderson way a few years ago it's a storage facility for boats. I don't know the name.
  6. John B

    Good idea?

    Same as The Night Train?
  7. It does seem odd. There were some rain squalls that day, I was driving Keri to Akl so maybe a good ole smack down off Bream head, not that I recall what the wind direction was.
  8. Another good point thanks YE. I need to do the same next year myself, sick of chasing parts and paying usurous prices for a 30 year old motor. I have a friend who bought a D 28 for 14 k a year ago, seems fine. But there's no way you get the OP boats inventory including a basically new motor for the extra 10 k. I'd negotiate a little perhaps based on inspection but also be prepared to just pay it and go sailing , job done. In the meantime there's other people who've looked at the same boat no doubt thinking coulda woulda shoulda in a few months.
  9. Thankyou BP. Insulting the seller with a cynically low offer is not a great way forward , especially when the object is worth the asking price. We're used to seeing boats and cars and houses historically in a buyers market. Here's an idea, houses are not at the moment. Cars are not at the moment, who would have expected a buoyant new and second hand car market. And brokers are short of stock at the top end in the boat market. We might be about to see some trickle down.
  10. Yes those are much better responses from BOI GUY and Tamure, it just gets my goat this dealer making a generalisation like that. The list of historical work and fit out looks good. Better than just good really.
  11. The dealer is talking rubbish. D28 is a great boat, all the earlier boats had timber tops. Random fact :Ronaki was the boat used to take the cabin mould off.
  12. John B


    Can it be seen from the road?
  13. At Taipa? That's where I saw that boat or its twin back, back in another life, another world,like Christmas plus or minus.(Background looks wrong)
  14. Makes me think Volvo don't care. I'm going to repower sometime in the next year.
  15. Any news? Don't tell me, Volvo has seen the video and said gosh, that's serious, we'll get there with a van and 2 men to solve this problem immediately.
  16. Bona-fide cruisers should be allowed to come in for cyclone season from the pacific and sea time is quarantine. These are their homes we're talking about, tell them to just throw them away? I don't think so. Plus our economy needs the money.
  17. Something big that require revs / centrifugal force is the prop, and one blade sticking will obviously cause balance issues. I actually wondered if you had a bucket wrapped on the prop. If it was a shaft, something caught on it. But you're saildrive. I know you're in selected neutral but I wonder if your Morse control or cables needs adjustment and the gearbox is actually engaged or part anyway. So I would start at looking at the prop when it's doing it, disconnect the cables and check the gear select position and after that if that says nothing, start thinking about gearbox to damper pl
  18. We always stop at the Cavalli islands, several anchorage spots depending on wind direction, you can always hop into mahinepua if it's too west or windy. Flax seeds marking our usual spots. The Eastern side is nice if there's been a SW for a few days and the swell is down. Whangaroa harbour is a jewel and a destination suitable for all weather, you just anchor where it's pretty in one of four arms. The must not miss is the walk from Lane cove up to the dukes nose. About 30 minutes and involves a climb up a well set up rock face with handrail. Quite luxurious now, it used to be a chain
  19. Any excuse. Must be in close to be shallow like that.
  20. I had a fergy in Opito bay for 6 months, the hitting of topsides might have become an issue on tide change etc but I still think I would go for it again and trouble shoot it if there was a problem, give it a lifejacket/buffer if required. Ours was a really highly rated mooring with 2 heavy top ropes but it didn't seem to have a swivel, so occasionally wed have to unwind it. Easy to pick up.
  21. John B

    Farr 38

    Friends used to own Pericon, they took her to the islands twice iirc. Maybe as late as 15. She's in the same beautiful condition, lives at Windsor landing in kerikeri. I'd ring a cat 1 inspector for their opinion on stability, I doubt it's a concern. There's a pretty one permanently in Savusavu owned by a Kiwi . He goes up each year but I gather she doesn't move much. I commented to him that she looked different, he told me she was built to plan but the glass hulls were slightly different in the bow sections for mold release. True? Dunno, but that would mean Pericon was built that
  22. Seem to be forthright and full disclosure ads for the caravan and the hartley there.
  23. Paddle wheel effect. Understand that, understand how to use prop walk.
  24. We used ours again in 19 in a trip to Fiji. Bought new simcard,Did the firmware update. Nothing about the process is intuitive but support is good and they're patient enough to work you through it.
  25. John B

    Pogo 36

    Congratulations and thanks for the photos. Further to Windsor landing and coincidental to our visit,and to pass on the latest news..... I read just last night of a Rahui placed on any development of the ramp area past what is there now because of the fish traps and proposed dredging, and the impact that will have on the inlet. So that's actually big news and probably will kill the council plans there. That's good news for the locals I think, but it will mean more effort and weight behind the rather over the top plans for the Rangitane side involving reclamation of a rather astonishing sca
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