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  1. ....and.... by the sound of it....... pushing a more "let's have fun and just go sailing" approach than the raceracerace brigade Which works for me..
  2. ?? The guy that pulled the boat (eventually) off the beach? I watched that schemozzle as well. Couldn't believe what I was seeing
  3. I didn’t think it would work. Thought it might have been a bit much but it looks better than white
  4. Flashest lookin' speed stripes I've ever stuck on .........seen. ....... and those leach ribbons......... amazeballs!!.....
  5. I passed all that on. Much appreciated Thanks Team
  6. Bloke popped in the other day. Has this 'mini power boat thing' hanging in his garage. It's about 6' long with a Briggs and Stratton engine, what looks like a pressed tin ( diecast?) rudder. Apparently they used to race them around a 'lake in Takapuna' He's keen to find out more about them as he doesn't want to just trash the thing Anyone have the foggiest notion what it might be? I wouldn't know what it looks like - I haven't seen it. Going on what he's told me....
  7. wal

    Beale 11.2

    Dodgy previous owner :razz: Dr Dave's old boat (hence the medically inspired name) - absolutely loved it. Great boat
  8. Whooosh!............ Splattt!!! (that was his point going over your head and hitting the wall......) Sorry Elly - you may not have noticed BP's sarcasm there.....
  9. wal

    RNI2020 divisions

    I'll be in Mangonui for the stop over. Reckon this race is going to be a beauty
  10. With Duran Duran's song to follow......"A view to a keel"
  11. It was the banned I-Punkt? guy that used to follow his son up the track with one red sleeve and one green. He’d hold up one or the other so the brat would go the right way
  12. Four?!? Haven't you got a television? Nice to hear from you again
  13. Ah yes But... A good craftsman doesn't use s#*t tools......
  14. wal

    con man

    Now if you'd like a bridge?............
  15. Really? I don't see anything like that on Metvuw, Aussie BoM long range. We're in to the start of a small high pressure system? Will keep watch all week. Have to find a decent sized motor/fizz nasty boat to shoot out and watch them go by
  16. Oh but not when it's you though I've seen you sail.......
  17. If I don't go down to the mountain I might have to find a ride out to see them go past Bream Head
  18. When I make them they last forever. Really truly! Buy Honest Wal's Flappy Bits!!
  19. Thanks for that. Mate of mine's just recently acquired a mooring in Okahu Bay and it occurred to him just where the hell he was supposed to park on weekends .......... and of course the deadline is today........
  20. I had someone the other day tell me to put you in touch with them as they know all about the ins n outs of the Sounds ........ but I can't remember who it was.......
  21. Awesome sewing job.........
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