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    Woodside Bay earlier this year.
  2. Yeah, I hate the fact that it has the same name as mine as over time people get stuff mixed up...
  3. BNG

    Altex Fail

    Whats the substrate of the hull below the waterline? Glass? Racing smooth or a bit of cruising texture...? If its too rough (and it doesn't take much) it gives the little buggers the ability to get a 'mechanical hold' like a climbers fingers in a hole. I have had a superb run out of #5 and look after a couple of +65 foot displacement launches on it that are also getting 2-3 years also so I'm kinda surprised.
  4. BNG

    Altex Fail

    3 coats sprayed October 2016. First wipe by divers last month and still mint 21 months later.... Going to delay haul-out til Autumn 2019 on that basis. Boat gets used a lot and lives at Westhaven. Pretty much the same experience as I had 2014 - 2016 so why the wildly different results? I know Opua is bad for barnacles perhaps Lyttelton as well?
  5. I'm with AON, $1100 p.a. incl GST for fixed sum insured $135k, 5 mil liability, $500 excess, on a marina, 90 year old boat, survey every 5 years. So at 0.81% of boat value/p.a. I'm fine with that.
  6. Make sure your port cover has as much overlap as possible so the MS 'Gasket' has as much area as possible to bond.... more is better. Also tighten it down lightly so you don't squeeze the sealant out, tidy up and come back and nip up the fastenings a fraction after 24 hours.
  7. 200m 8mm short link to Manson Supreme on 43 foot classic launch approximately 12T. In saying that I have never used more than 80m and that was in 22m of water at Fitzroy in the big new years blow 2 years ago. We have never dragged and I need to ditch 120m in favour of rode and loose some weight forward. Its just ridiculous massive overkill!
  8. Nah, this is me, 1928 Colin Wild. A bit more pedigree than a NZ built Chris Craft design
  9. How do you get a lifetime ban?
  10. That was interesting thanks for the link lateral. I was trying to recall that one and couldn't but then I realised I was working in Northern China in 1994 so completely missed it. Time flies..
  11. Same here, happy to make it reasonably regular.
  12. Too true but was the case for both mine 12 and 24V, start and house respectively. The switched n/c relay off the ignition is a nice idea but I'll stick with the simplicity of the breaker as it substitutes the fuse that should be in there as well and I don't need to run any additional wiring or disturb the stuff that's already in there!
  13. We weren't switching the alternator, just the panel output to controller which should be fused anyway so use a breaker and its fused and switchable. Sure the alt will bulk charge to 13.8V but more than likely a lot faster than the solar. May as well get the amps while they are going.
  14. Put a circuit breaker between the panel and the controller and a fuse after the controller. The advantage of the circuit breaker is you can easily switch off the panels so the residual voltage coming off the panel doesnt prevent your alternator/s from kicking in when motoring during daylight hours. My alternators (12 and 24V) didn't kick in over the summer holidays as during daylight hours the alternator was seeing 13.8V and 28.8 V respectively off the panels. So I took out the fuse and put in a breaker on each system so they were both swithchable and the alternator could see the true
  15. I'm picking he was using a solvent based degreaser which vapors are heavier than air so went to the bilge... spark from hemorrhaged bilge pump...
  16. BNG

    Launch Sunk

    There is a largish 45+ foot ketch with lattice steel masts also sunk in Hobson Bay after the other night. Been there a few days rocket launcher and masts the only thing visible. Sad to see.
  17. Someone just had a hard time coming home, looked 1050ish bareheaded with multiple roundups off Orakei and its blowing dogs off chains here. It looked like the beginning of the end of a particularly hard and long weekend, so close to home and all hell breaks loose.
  18. I was just thinking exactly the same, the odd 60 kt gust at Channel over the last few hours
  19. Nice one Adrian, its a long way away from the days when our trailer yachts were parked next to each other in the trailer park. You now have an oceangoing home! Great to see you living your dream.
  20. Ive often wondered about that its kinda like reading poetry but without the rhyming or any punctuation makes the posts and resulting threads really long without any real need I could easily make this post half a page and waste more space
  21. Well it is doable if you ever decide to GZ up...
  22. We calculated the GZ curve for Black Fun around 2003/4. Didn't have plans so scaled Waveriders plans with a bit of a nip and tuck to fit and computer modeled that with the 2m fin keel and 220kg bulb she had. With the addition of a port/starboard/fore/aft inclination test with 5 graduated weights that gave us the data to verify what we had modeled. Do you have plans..? Know any good Naval Architects?
  23. BNG

    BP on SA

    Hardly a cruising version of Ragtime/Infidel as the poster say tho... just that they are Spencer designs. BP is actually better looking IMHO.
  24. That's the (or one of) the little ones. The original one a lot bigger, I know because it came up by my foot while standing on the duckboard over a year ago and it was substantially bigger!
  25. Crikey I wish it were that easy on mine. Great progress IT, that's commitment!
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